Snyder Cut Supporters Launch Fundraising Event For Suicide Prevention

One group of DC Extended Universe fans - originally organized to lobby for a Zack Snyder approved cut of Justice League - is following in the footsteps of their favorite superheroes to try and do something to make the world a better place. To that end, they have launched an on-line movement to raise funds for the America Federation for Suicide Prevention.

The Snyder Cut has become the Holy Grail for a number of fans, who believe that the Snyder Cut will heal all the metaphorical wounds dealt to the DCEU. The movement has been demanding that Warner Brothers release the cut of Justice League that, rumor has it, existed before Zack Snyder left the project and writer/director Joss Whedon was then brought in to complete it. Numerous fan groups have remained steadfast in their resolve, despite claims that the movie was incomplete when Snyder left the film.

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The fundraising effort, organized by founder Fiona Zheng, was formally announced on Zheng's Twitter account. At the time of this writing, the movement is confirmed to have raised over $1000. Most of that was delivered through $5 donations, with the movement utilizing the hashtag #5For5. Zheng's announcement can be viewed below.

The reason why chose to raise funds for The American Federation for Suicide Prevention is because the cause is one of the preferred charities of director Zack Snyder. The reason Snyder stepped down from Justice League was due to the loss of his daughter Autumn while the movie was in production. Snyder has since then gone on to become an advocate for the organization. It was felt that raising funds for the group in his name would be a worthy tribute to the director whose work they mean to honor and show that for all the reputation comic book fans on-line have developed for being toxic and mean-spirited, that there are some people who follow the example of the heroes they claim to love.

Whether or not The Snyder Cut of Justice League already exists and whether or not the rumors of Zack Snyder secretly working on one in secret are true, it is heartening to see one group of fans defying stereotypes and trying to do something positive. Regardless of how one may feel about the Snyder Cut lobbyists, one cannot deny their fervor and that their efforts are helping a worthy cause. Those who wish to help are encouraged to visit

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Source: Fiona Zheng

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