Deborah Snyder Praises Snyder Cut Fans For Suicide Prevention Efforts

Justice League producer Deborah Snyder praises fans hoping for the Snyder Cut for their suicide prevention efforts. Zack Snyder's third, and now final, movie in the DC Extended Universe hit theaters well over one year ago, but it remains a significant topic of discussion. As many know, Zack left Justice League in early 2017 following the devastating death of his daughter Autumn. Snyder's exit saw Warner Bros. put Joss Whedon in charge of Justice League from that point forward, and it became a very different movie from what Snyder shot or even initially envisioned by the time it hit theaters.

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This sparked an ongoing conversation about the possibility of Snyder's cut of Justice League being released. Fans have supported this cause in major ways, with an ad campaign at this year's San Diego Comic-Con now in effect. With much of the attention for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut about whether or not Snyder's original version of the movie will emerge, one of the movement's most significant accomplishments has been overshadowed - until now.

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Deborah Snyder, the wife of Zack and mother to Autumn who's also produced every DCEU film to this point except Shazam!, praised the Snyder Cut fans for what they've done for suicide prevention. Autumn's death in 2017 was a suicide, and Snyder quickly began supporting the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. The Snyder Cut fans followed suit and, as seen in Deborah's Vero post below, have raised a substantial amount of money and awareness for suicide prevention.

Deborah Snyder Vero Snyder Cut Suicide Prevention Post

Just with their current SDCC campaign, they were able to donate over $16,000 to the organization. The primary ad campaign saw a half of all donations given to AFSP, with a special t-shirt campaign for SDCC giving this total a boost. Their biggest donation came in conjunction with the help of Zack, as he designed a special "All The Gods" t-shirt. His support for this particular event and the added help of Jason Momoa resulted in these fans donating over $80,000 to AFSP. While it can be easy to debate whether or not the Snyder Cut exists (it does) or if it will ever be released to the public, these efforts should not be forgotten about.

According to recent studies, suicide rates in America are the highest they've been since World War II, and the number of teenage and young adult suicides per year has risen significantly since 2000. The Snyder Cut fans raising over $100,000 is commendable, and it is great to see someone as involved in the cause as Deborah acknowledging the good they've done for AFSP. Regardless of what happens with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, hopefully, there will be continued support to this cause in the future.

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Source: Deborah Snyder

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