DC Fans Cosplay Outside WB to Support Justice League Snyder Cut Release

DC cosplayers sprung into action Saturday in front of Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California, to ask for director Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League. It's been a rough past couple of months for the venerable Hollywood studio after the release of Justice League, which opened in mid-November to a disappointing $94 million – the worst opening for a DC Extended Universe film to date – and tumbled fast from there.

Following the worldwide blockbuster success of director Patty Jenkins' summer smash Wonder Woman, hopes were extremely high for Justice League – especially since it prominently featured the immensely popular Gal Gadot – but instead, the film fell far short of expectations with a projected final global gross of $675 million. By contrast, Wonder Woman earned more than $821 million in its worldwide run, while Justice League's predecessor, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, pulled in an impressive $873.6 million.

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Sadly, part of Justice League's rough road to the big screen included the departure of Snyder from the project, who stepped aside from his director's duties in May due to a family tragedy. Stepping in to complete the film, including reshoots, was former Marvel helmer Joss Whedon, and while Snyder ultimately received sole director's credit for Justice League, fans blamed the underwhelming performance of the film on his replacement.

Since Justice League's release, fans and even some of Snyder's fellow filmmakers (including his cinematographer) have been vocal about the release about Snyder's cut of the film before Whedon's involvement. On Saturday, a group of 13 fans and DC cosplayers made it personal by showing up in front of Warner Bros. With some in costume as Batman and Wonder Woman, the group held a large banner in front of Warner Bros. Gate 2 that says, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Batman News tweeted a photo of the group, which you can see below:

Fans gathered in front of Warner Bros. HQ today to take a photo and ask them to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

— (@BatmanNewsCom) January 6, 2018

While the social media hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is one of the online initiatives fans are using to grab the attention of Warner Bros., the act of physically showing up at the studio Saturday will hopefully give the studio one more reason to consider releasing Justice League the way Snyder intended. True, a small group of people holding a banner may not pack the wallop of other efforts, including a petition (which currently has nearly 167,000 signatures) and website solely dedicated to releasing the Snyder cut, but the actual coverage of the people will, since it is bound to make more people aware of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut social media campaign.

Ultimately, fans' efforts to get Snyder's cut of Justice League may be all for naught. While deleted scenes from the movie were leaked online, Snyder didn't have the benefit of reshoots to help shape his film. And while some claim that a Snyder cut exists in a "relevant form" (yet it would cost millions of dollars to complete) a visual effects artist on the film claims Warner Bros. will never release it.

If there's a glimmer of hope, Amazon Germany recently listed an extended cut of the film for its upcoming video release with a run time of 2 hours, 15 minutes, which would be 15 minutes longer than the theatrical cut. If the listing pans out, it doesn't appear to resemble the cut that Snyder was rumored to have shown Warner Bros. executives, which was 3 hours long.

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Source: Batman News

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