Justice League's Snyder Cut Is A Totally Different Movie, Says Momoa

Aquaman star Jason Momoa reaffirms that he has seen the Snyder Cut version of Justice League, and says that it is a very different movie.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Fights for Seven Seas

Jason Momoa has reaffirmed that he has seen the much-debated "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, and says that it's a completely different movie from the theatrical cut. Director Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League after a family tragedy, with the movie being heavily reshot afterwards. Calls for the release of Snyder's original version of Justice League have persisted in the nearly two years since its theatrical release, while Snyder himself has stirred the pot considerably by releasing still images and storyboards from his cut of the movie on social media. Meanwhile, Jason Momoa confirmed on Instagram that he's seen the cut himself earlier this year.

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Momoa's most recent comments on Justice League came during an interview with Josh Horowitz of MTV News. Horowitz had previously interviewed Momoa during the Aquaman press tour, where the latter vocally supported the Snyder Cut's release. Bringing the conversation back to their earlier interview, Horowitz asked if Momoa's support for the Snyder Cut stemmed from his gratitude for Zack Snyder casting him as Aquaman, to which Momoa responded, "Yeah, absolutely, but I have seen it."

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When asked about the Snyder Cut's overall completeness, Momoa was a little more coy, saying "You think Zack couldn't finish it?" Horowitz also addressed the increasingly visible campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut, and asked for Momoa's thoughts on the likelihood of it actually being released. Momoa reiterated his stance on the matter, saying "I think the public needs to see it," while also answering in the affirmative on Horowitz' inquiry that the Snyder Cut is essentially a different movie entirely from the theatrical version of Justice League.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman with Zack Snyder in Justice League

At this point, it's safe to say that Jason Momoa has been the loudest voice among those directly connected to Justice League to publicly endorse the release of Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, but he's also not the only one. Ray Fisher has also shared his own support for the Snyder Cut, as has cinematographer Fabian Wagner, while storyboard artist Jay Oliva has given significant details on the differences between the two versions, including the Snyder Cut's ending involving an "unhinged" Superman. More recently, Jesse Eisenberg, having previously been unaware of the issue, revealed that Lex Luthor was featured in a few more scenes than his end-credits cameo in the theatrical cut.

With more and more of the cast and crew of Justice League being directly asked for their thoughts on the Snyder Cut, it is becoming clear that it has grown into an increasingly more mainstream topic. Momoa himself doubtlessly has a great deal to do with that, as does the amount that Snyder has revealed about his cut of the film on social media (with his recent revelation of Martian Manhunter being disguised as General Swanwick standing as one of his biggest bombs). The campaign for the Snyder Cut also shows no indication of losing momentum, with a recent billboard in Times Square for New York Comic Con drawing significant attention along with praise from Snyder himself.

As the chatter surrounding the Snyder Cut continues to grow louder, it remains to be seen if and how Warner Bros. will respond. Ultimately, the power to release Snyder's version of the film to the public is one that Warner Bros. alone has. However, with the demand for its release continuing to rise, and Jason Momoa hyping up the Snyder Cut of Justice League every chance he gets, it's clearly far from disappearing from public visibility.

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Source: MTV News

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