Justice League: Cyborg Actor Praises Representation in Cut Snyder Scene

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The news continues to snowball for the legendary Snyder Cut of Justice League, with Ray Fisher releasing a never-before-image of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, on social media. In the aftermath of a family tragedy, Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League, with the movie undergoing well-publicized reshoots. With the two-year anniversary of the film's theatrical debut inching closer, the campaign for the Snyder Cut of the superhero ensemble is seeing a steadily growing amount of support from the cast and crew, with even Jason Momoa confirming he has seen it. As a result, the push for Zack Snyder's original version of Justice League is now seeing a major and very clear boost in mainstream attention.

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Fisher's social media post joins another made today by Jay Oliva which depicted Superman punching Steppenwolf in the final battle. Oliva's post itself came on the heels of an image of Barry Allen and Iris West posted to Vero by Zack Snyder, along with an image released by Jason Momoa showing Aquaman impaling Steppenwolf.

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Fisher's image sees a smiling Victor Stone outside of a college dean's office, captioned with "When you overhear your dean refer to your mom as “Mrs.“ instead of “Dr.” and you know he’s about to get DESTROYED!" Victor's presence outside of a college dean's office, posted to Twitter by Fisher himself, further hints his mother, Elinore Stone, played by Karen Bryson, likely appeared in a fairly extended capacity prior to the accident which took her life and maimed her son. However, perhaps most telling is Fisher's reference to Elinore's offense at being referred to as "Mrs." rather than "Dr." This, along with the hashtag "#educatedcharacterofcolor", paints a clearer picture of Victor's character arc in the film, with the Stone family facing educational prejudice and indicating the representational angle seen in Cyborg's role in Justice League.

This adds to what is already known about Victor's role in the Snyder Cut, specifically where his story was very much meant to be the center of Justice League. Zack Snyder's own past social media teases have revealed Cyborg was to play an instrumental role in the battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademon army in the third act, while being confronted with the temptation to side with the forces of Apokolips after entering the Mother Boxes to prevent The Unity with a vision of his body restored along with Elinore and Silas Stone by his side, the latter having been killed off earlier in Snyder's version. By comparison, Victor's role in the theatrical cut of Justice League is significantly more simplified, with Elinore Stone removed from the film entirely.

With so many Justice League cast and crew members dropping images from Snyder's version of the movie, it clearly indicates the conversation surrounding Snyder's Cut is now past the point of no return. Ultimately, Zack Snyder's version of Justice League cannot be released without the go-ahead being given by Warner Bros., and with this much sustained chatter over such a short period of time, the ball is very much in the studio's court.

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