Another Justice League Crew Member Champions the 'Real' Version

After a big week of Justice League cast and crew speaking up about the Snyder Cut, another crew member is joining the fray to support the call for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut. Over the course of just a few days, Jesse Eisenberg chimed in on the Snyder Cut for the first time, Jason Momoa once again stated that he's seen the movie and audiences need to see it, Junkie XL confirmed his Justice League score is complete, two VFX supervisors confirmed many shots are complete or near-complete, and now the aerial second unit director, Clay Staub, is also throwing his hat in the ring.

We're closing in on two years following the theatrical release of Justice League, and the Snyder Cut is still one of the hottest topics in DC films, even though Snyder has no involvement in current or future DC movies and Warner Bros. has made no indication they plan to release the Snyder Cut (one anonymous executive outright denied any plans over a year ago).

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While the ongoing debate so far has centered on whether or not the cut even exists, despite ample evidence that it does, many people seem to have turned a corner recently, particularly after recent comments from Momoa and Junkie XL. Snyder himself already confirmed he has a cut of the movie earlier this year, so all this new news only goes to reinforce the fact that the Snyder Cut is real, meaning the situation is in Warner Bros. hands as to whether or not it should be released.

Joining the ranks of the growing crowd of cast and crew who have already spoken out is aerial second unit director Clay Staub, who recently tweeted "Looking back at my time in Iceland on the 'real' Justice League-it was epic and could still be!" Speaking directly to Screen Rant, Staub confirmed is involvement in the film: "I was the aerial 2nd unit director on JL and I did some time in London, and Monaco too. Most of my work was focused on Bruce Wayne's travel to the village in Iceland and the discovery of Arthur Curry." Staub's tweet also included a drawing of Batman and the Batmobile he says was drawn by production designer Patrick Tatopoulos and signed by several people involved in production.

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A version of the Iceland scenes of Bruce Wayne discovering Arthur Curry was in the theatrical cut, although it was heavily cut down and mixed with reshoots. As evidenced by trailers, there were many shots of the cold Iceland terrain and additional story beats about Bruce Wayne's trip that didn't make it into the theatrical version.

The London scenes were likely related to Wonder Woman's introduction, and the famous aerial shot of the Superman banner on Tower Bridge (in addition to all the work at Pinewood Studios), while Monaco is where Lex Luthor's yacht and meeting with Deathstroke were shot. It's not clear how much of the London and Monaco shoots were changed, and all Staub would tell Screen Rant is "I'll leave that up to the original JL version to shed light on someday."

With so many of Justice League's cast and crew speaking up, and more questions being asked in interviews, things seem to have passed a turning point. If things continue to snowball at this rate, Warner Bros. may be forced to finally officially comment on the whole situation sooner rather than later.

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