Justice League: What Happened to Snyder's Cut a "Terrible Wrong," Says Crew Member

Justice Leaguue's photographer Clay Enos calls what happened with director Zack Snyder's cut of the film a "terrible wrong." Rolling out in 2017 as the culmination of everything that has transpired in the DCEU at that point, the movie brought together some of the most iconic DC characters for an epic mission to save Earth from Steppenwolf's attempt to take-over. But what was potentially going to be one of the most successful movies in the popular comic book film arena turned out a financial disappointment.

Marred with a slew of issues long before it even made it to theaters, it remains to be a favorite topic of conversation among fans especially with the ongoing campaigns to release the so-called Snyder Cut - a version of the movie that Snyder worked on. As the public knows, while Snyder got sole directing credit for Justice League, it was Joss Whedon who manned extensive reshoots and post-production, that had a final say on its theatrical cut. Much has been said about what happened behind-the-scenes that led to this controversial movie, with Enos the latest of those who worked on it to share his sentiments.

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Speaking at The Farooqi Bros. Podcast (via Cinema Blend), Enos, who's Snyder's frequent collaborator, candidly shared his two cents regarding the controversy that is Justice League. While he didn't get into specific details about Snyder's abrupt exit due to an unfortunate family tragedy and Whedon's take-over, he called what happened to the butchering of the former's version of the movie a "terrible wrong." He also emphasizes that the public should rally behind projects that have "the auteur’s mark on them." 

"This is going to go down in film history as some sort of terrible wrong that can be righted, creatively. But what culture has to emerge for that to happen is something we need to work towards. We need to prioritize this sort of auteur filmmaker world and that hasn’t been [happening] of late. So all of us need to support films that have the auteur’s mark on them. … Let’s move gradually towards where the bottom line and the box office isn’t the headline."

It's no secret that the version of Justice League that was released in theaters is significantly different from the one Snyder was working on - which is the crux of the Release the Snyder cut campaign. Unfortunately, even after more than a year, Warner Bros. doesn't seem to have any plans to release the version some want. Given this, a slew of fan-made content has been making the rounds online visualizing what could've happened in Snyder's original story based on what's been revealed thus far.

Based on Enos comments, it seems that the bulk of the blame should be put on Warner Bros. for meddling with Snyder's Justice League plan, which would have launched the story for Justice League Part 2Now, the studio is veering away from Snyder's original vision for the DCEU, focusing on standalone movies and putting any ensemble project on indefinite hold. Only time will tell if this is the right move for the superhero franchise, but it's frustrating for fans to know that much of what Snyder was setting up narratively as early as  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been abandoned.

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Source: The Farooqi Bros. Podcast (via Cinema Blend)

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