Justice League: Hundreds of Fans Post Videos Requesting The Snyder Cut

DC fans post hundreds of videos online asking for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. It's been 17 months since the DCEU team-up film debuted, and despite two more films coming out in the catalog that are generally well-received (Aquaman and Shazam!), conversations about the project continue. Between the film performing poorly at the box office and the behind-the-scenes drama, there's really no shortage of topics to talk about when it comes to the ensemble flick, but arguably the most discussed one is the existence of the Snyder Cut.

Not long after Justice League's release in 2017, there was an online petition urging Warner Bros. to roll out the original cut of the movie helmed by original director Zack Snyder with Junkie XL’s (the original composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) intended musical score. The campaign quickly drew interest from countless fans who weren't thrilled with what Joss Whedon did to the film after he replaced Snyder, who had to step away from the gig due to a personal tragedy. News of the former MCU filmmaker extensively reworking the movie during reshoots and post-production intensified people's eagerness to see the Snyder Cut. And as months went by and the public learned more and more about what Snyder's original plan was for the film and how different it was from what  people saw on the big screen, loyal fans continue to convince the studio to release the cut which the director himself recently confirmed to be existing

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Now, there's a new chapter on the Release the Snyder Cut controversy as fans take it to social media to post videos of themselves personally requesting the roll out of the said version of Justice League. A Twitter user with the handle @MehToAll collated several of the clips on his page, but one look at the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag and a slew of clips from fans all around the world all asking for the same thing can be seen. User @MOSBVS, on the other hand, claims that nearly 400 people have uploaded their videos for the cause. There's currently no way to confirm this number, but just seeing the influx of these clips, one cannot deny these people's commitment to ensure that the Snyder Cut will see the light of day. Here are some of them:

At this point, it's hard to bet on Warner Bros. actually heeding to fans' request. Members of the campaign have implemented other ways to convey their message to the studio by calling the company, relentlessly posting on social media about it, and even sending them letters. And throughout it all, they remained tightlipped about the matter, with no slightest indication that they have any inkling on releasing the Snyder Cut. But with those who actually worked in the version of film, including Snyder, starting to open up about the matter and the public learning of what could've been in the movie, who knows what will happen after this. One thing seems certain: fans will continue to be persistent about this issue.

From a business perspective, Warner Bros. may be better off making this happen for the fans. Most of these people truly don't care whether VFX work is polished or the the footage is properly edited, all they want is to know how the story that Snyder began in 2013's Man of Steel was supposed to pan out. So in any case that they decide to collate of the Justice League footage that the filmmaker worked on and roll it out, they will undoubtedly pay good money to see that.

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