Justice League: Zack Snyder Image Shows Silas Stone's Intended Death

Zack Snyder shares an image from a deleted Justice League scene depicting the death of Silas Stone, Cyborg's (Ray Fisher) dad. Played by Joe Morton, the character had a brief appearance in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as he worked on Victor using the Mother Box. But it wasn't until the 2017 controversial film that fans actually had the chance to properly meet him and his cybernetically reconstructed son. However, Silas and Victor's narrative in the film didn't pan out the way the project's filmmaker originally intended it to be with the former supposedly dying in the middle of the superhero ensemble film.

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It's no secret that Justice League's theatrical cut is significantly different from Snyder's intended plan. After he stepped away from the project due to a personal tragedy, interim director Joss Whedon manned extensive reshoots that left a lot of the scenes filmed during principal photography on the editing room floor. This was reinforced by a mandate from former Warners Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara for the film to run for only  two hours. Over the last year and a half since Justice League's release, fans have tried to piece together how Snyder's cut of the film would've panned out, and now, a crucial element in terms of Cyborg's narrative come to light thanks to the director himself.

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Shared on Snyer's official Vero account is an image from Silas' supposed death scene in Justice League captioned "you would also cry." In the frame, fans can saw Cyborg reaching out for his dad who seems to be caught up in an explosion that involved the Mother Box. It's intended to be one of the most emotional of the movie but it's nowhere to be seen in the theatrical version of the flick. Check out the image below:

Silas Death Justice League

While changes in Snyder's Justice League varies in degrees - some as minuscule as a second of snipped footage or altered dialog to change a scene's context, this whole section that involved the Stones were entirely cut from the film. Snyder said that his cut's runtime was 214 minutes, taking consideration the actual runtime of the film and the additional scenes that Whedon added, there's a significant chunk of his story out there that never made to the big screen. Because of that, it's difficult to place where this particular bit fits in the narrative. But considering what fans have seen in the movie's theatrical version, chances are that this took place in between the League's first encounter with Steppenwolf where Cyborg saved his dad and Superman's (Henry Cavill) resurrection since they still have a Mother Box with them. Narrative-wise, this also makes sense since they were trying to find a way to bring back Clark which they ultimately succeeded in doing with the help of Cyborg and Flash (Ezra Miller) using the Mother Box.

Given what's known thus far with regard to Snyder's version of Justice League, it seems like Cyborg's story was the most jilted. The film barely tackled his origin story that includes his football career, as well as his relationship with both his mom and his dad. And because of this, fans had a difficult time connecting to the character when he's supposed to be at the heart of the narrative considering that he had the most personal stakes in the movie. This was a big missing element in the film - something that may have helped it more relatable to the public.

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