Watch Batman Recruit Aquaman & The Flash in Justice League

Two brand-new clips from Justice League show Bruce Wayne as he attempts to bring Aquaman and Barry Allen on board the team. For comic book fans, November is shaping up to be a miniature summer blockbuster season. This past week saw Thor: Ragnarok explode into theaters, breaking a number of box office and critical records in the process. Next week, Justice League will arrive and attempt to take things to the next level. So far, the film is tracking for a big opening and the performance of Wonder Woman has many hopeful for the team-up's success.

With Justice League so close at hand, more and more details about the film and its characters have found their way online. For example, Barry Allen won't be called The Flash in the movie, proving that his evolution as a hero will continue past Justice League. Of course, with Flashpoint set to tackle more than just the Scarlet Speedster's solo adventures, there's no telling how much time there will be for a solo film. Meanwhile, Aquaman won't use his famous trident in Justice League, but he will get his superhero name. In addition, the latest clips from Justice League offer a more proper introduction to both characters in the DC cinematic universe.

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Warner Bros. has released two new clips for Justice League, showing the moment where Bruce Wayne first confronts Aquaman and Barry Allen, respectively. Elements of this scene have also been featured in the movie's trailers, showing Bruce in Iceland searching for the mysterious Arthur Curry. The second clip, meanwhile, provides more context for Bruce and Barry's first meeting, with the speedster offering a very amusing reason for why he has a high-tech suit.

Right off that bat, it's clear that Arthur and Barry will have two very different reactions to Bruce's proposal. In fact, Barry doesn't even need to hear the end of the offer before he's ready to sign up. Aquaman, on the other hand, will be a bit more reluctant in the film. Aquaman will explore why the character is in Iceland, and both the solo film and Justice League will focus on the hero's outside status. As such, he'll be less trusting of Bruce and his proposed mission.

The Flash, while eager to join the team, will still have doubts about all he's asked to do. In one of the other Justice League clips that have now been released online, Batman is shown teaching the The Flash how to be a hero while out in the field. Of course, that journey will be funny as well as developmental.

While Ragnarok has been riding a wave of positive buzz since its first teaser trailer arrived, moviegoers have been more guarded when it comes to Justice League. Considering how divisive the previous DC films have been, there's no telling how this month's movie will perform with audiences. Regardless, it will likely open big thanks to its cast of stars and superheroes. Hopefully, Justice League will offer fans even more than that.

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