Justice League Runtime Confirmed As DCEU's Shortest

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Justice League's runtime will be 121 minutes. After a long and storied production, Justice League is finally in the final stretch before hitting theaters on November 17th, and every single aspect of the film remains under scrutiny. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice notoriously seeing a shorter edit hit the big screen before the much more appreciated Ultimate Edition was released for home viewing, the subject of studio interference was always a question for Justice League, a question only exacerbated after the departure of Zack Snyder.

While the cast, the producers, and lots of other evidence all point to Justice League still ultimately being Zack Snyder's vision, the true nature of the movie's final cut will be a big topic of discussion regardless. One of the big indicators many fans have been looking to is the movie's runtime. While a number of potential lengths have been floated over the past few weeks, many even showing up in ticketing apps for movie theater chains, the true runtime has been elusive until now. Thanks to the fervent efforts of Jeremy Conrad at Manabyte, who cites multiple sources that have seen the movie, as well as confirmation from a number of theater chains, including  Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Galaxy Cinemas, and the Atom ticketing service, we can now have confidence that the version of the movie that will hit the big screen will be 121 minutes, making it the shortest movie in the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe so far.

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Snyder and his collaborators have all been promising a much lighter and more traditional superhero movie from Justice League since before Batman v Superman's release, so it's hard to know if the runtime was part of that intention, but with other well-liked ensemble comic book movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: First Class  landing right in that ballpark, it's not an abnormal length for a movie of this nature. In fact, X-Men (2000) was only 104 minutes, despite having to do all the world building and character introductions for the franchise, and other classic ensemble movies like Oceans Eleven fall right into that two-hour window.

The fact that it's shorter than both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, Snyder's other DCEU installments is interesting as it's anticipated to be bigger in most other aspects, it's also important to remember that length was also a criticism for both of those movies. Also, of all the movie's Snyder has directed, his 2004 Dawn of the Dead, which came in at 101 minutes, nearly 30 minutes shorter than George Romero's original, so lean, exciting storytelling is not outside his wheelhouse.

Regardless of the implications of the runtime, early reactions to Justice League test screenings have been very positive and said the movie is definitely "epic,"  so now it's just a matter of sitting tight until November 17th.

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