Justice League Reshoot Photos Hint At Wonder Woman Flashbacks

The first batch of set photos from the Justice League reshoots hint at some flashback scenes that could connect directly back into the story of this summer's solo Wonder Woman film. While Justice League remains a Zack Snyder-directed comic book outing too, The Avengers director Joss Whedon is actually in charge of these reshoots, which just began in Bedfordshire, England this week. The veteran director and writer is taking over for Snyder following a personal tragedy earlier this year, which eventually led to Snyder departing from the project, and entrusting Whedon with the task of finishing editing and conducting any additional photography on the film before it's November release date.

Despite some early, worrying reports about how much of the film was going to be reshot in the pickup shoots as well, rumors that Warner Bros. and DC were planning on a complete creative turnaround on Justice League just months before its theatrical release were quickly debunked. However, it looks like the reshoots may feature flashback scenes that reference and/or tie back into the story and time period of the Wonder Woman standalone film.

The rumors come thanks to some new, long distance set photos from Justice League recently posted by Batman Notes. While not much of what's actually happening on the production is clear, the vintage make and model of several cars present at the shoot hint that the scenes being filmed may be flashbacks to some time in the early-to-mid 1900s. In case that wasn't enough, though, the photos also reveal what looks to be some kind of hangar building, with a large version of the Knights Templar logo printed on the side of it, which as many history buffs likely already know, was used often by Germany on its planes during the first World War. Check out the photos for yourself by clicking the link below.

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That might not seem like much news at first, had Wonder Woman not mostly taken place during World War I, and the German forces not played such a large role in the film's story. But since they did, it's interesting to think about why and how these flashback scenes may play into the overall plot/story of Justice League, especially since it felt like everything important about that time period, in relation to the DCEU, had already been explored by the time Wonder Woman was over.

It's already well-known that Justice League will feature multiple flashbacks explaining the history of the Mother Boxes on Earth, including an opening prologue that features a gigantic battle between the Amazons, Atlanteans, and several other major factions in the DCEU. But the possibility of Justice League going back to a time that's already been featured so heavily in Wonder Woman brings yet another layer of mystery to just how Justice League will build on what's already been introduced and explored in the previous DCEU films. Following the success and overwhelmingly positive reception to Wonder Woman these past few weeks, seeing how and if Justice League does indeed tie back to into it, may prove to be just yet another interesting and unexpected connection for fans to look forward.

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Source: Batman Notes

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