Justice League Returns to Gotham in Reshoot Set Photos

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Reshoots for DC's Justice League are in full swing, and set photos from the filming site show us that the DC Extended Universe movie will return to shoot pieces of sequences in Gotham City.

After wrapping principal photography in October and several months of post-production work, the DC superhero team-up blockbuster is currently undergoing additional reshoots to get the footage needed for the final product. Recently leaked set photos have helped give some context to what scenes those reshoots are covering.

Two photos from the set in Befordshire, England confirm that the production team are shooting scenes in the Caped Crusader's city. The first photo shows a metallic grim reaper gargoyle statue holding a shield reading, "To Protect and To Serve". We've already seen Batman on top of a similar looking statue back in the Justice League official trailer. The second photo is an up-close look at a Gotham City taxi. With confirmations that Ben Affleck is currently in England, it seems likely that he is there to shoot the scenes teased here.

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This is the second set of leaked photos from the reshoot set of Justice League in as many days, as yesterday we got a look at what appears to be German war planes wrapped hidden under a sheet. Speculation on those pictures seem to imply that the film will be flashing back to Wonder Woman's past at some point, but with Justice League currently sharing a production stage with Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo remake, it's unclear for which movie those props were being used.

The film is currently in the hands of The Avengers's director Joss Whedon, after Zack Snyder had to step away from the project due to a personal tragedy in his family. With a November 17th release date, Snyder gave Warner Brothers plenty of time to finish the film without him, and Whedon may be the most-qualified director to take over a massive superhero team-up under such circumstances. Reshoots are common practice for major films, and necessary for the movie to reach its release date.

There's been a flurry of Justice League tidbits over the last few weeks, with it being confirmed that Wonder Woman'Robin Wright and The Flash's Kiersey Clemons will appear in the film. Keep checking Screen Rant for more information on the highly-anticipated superhero team-up.

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Source: Tumblr [via Batman-News]

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