Justice League Reshoot Set Photos May Tease Hall Of Justice

Hall of Justice

New set photos from the reshoots currently taking place for Justice League may hint at the team's iconic headquarters showing up in the new film. With a November release date and two trailers currently out, it may seem odd that there's still work to be done for Justice League. Modern blockbusters, however, typically aren't finished until the last minute. Between reshoots, effects work, and editing tweaks, the final version of a tentpole film can change a lot in the months before it releases. One of the most famous modern examples is Rogue One, which saw its entire ending rewritten and reshot.

For Rogue One, everything worked out perfectly. But there's no guarantee that every film will be so lucky. Justice League has found itself in a particularly strange position, with a personal tragedy forcing director Zack Snyder to hand the movie over to Joss Whedon. It's a fairly unprecedented move, and there's no indication how much influence Whedon will have on the final film. Still, as planned, the movie is currently undergoing reshoots with Whedon at the helm, which could yield some brand new scenes and a slight change of direction.

DC World recently shared a new batch of set photos from the Justice League reshoots currently taking place in England. While they don't provide much information, the first photo in the set bears a striking resemblance to the Hall of Justice that has featured as the League's headquarters in a number of comics and TV shows.

More #Justiceleague set pics from ahead of new filming by Roger Skillin what's in the hangar, The Watchtower?? Imagine......

— DC WORLD (@_DCWorld) June 15, 2017

The Hall of Justice is certainly one of the more iconic Justice League elements and adds a sense of grandiosity and reverence that marks a slight departure from the more grounded approach most DCEU films have taken so far. Interestingly, the Hall first debuted in the animated Super Friends cartoon from the '70s, not showing up in the comics until 2007. It's technically even appeared in live-action, as a remarkably similar building was seen in last year's Arrowverse crossover.

Despite the visual similarities, however, there's just as much evidence that this building has nothing to do with Justice League. As with earlier photos showing old military planes and seeming to hint at a Wonder Woman flashback, these photos could likely be for Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo, which is currently sharing a studio with Justice League. And though we know Justice League will involve a flashback, all the photos we've seen so far are too vague to definitively attribute to the upcoming DC film.

Adding more fuel to the fire is a recent tweet from DCEU head Geoff Johns in response to another set of reshoot photos. Though Whedon could wield significant influence over the film if he stepped in earlier, the movie is mostly finished at this point and will only feature some slight tweaks. Only time will tell exactly what these reshoots involved, but it's likely best to take all Justice League reshoot news with a grain of salt.

Source: DC World

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