Rumor: Flashpoint Will Depend on Justice League Reception

A new report says WB is playing the waiting game with the future of movies featuring their Justice League characters, including Flashpoint.

Warner Bros. is reportedly waiting to see how Justice League performs before determining the future of the DC slate, a decision that has put Flashpoint and several other projects in limbo. WB is in the final push to get Justice League out in theaters, and hopefully launching their DC movie universe to the next level. The now storied production has not been without controversy recently, thanks to a shorter than expected runtime, but, this movie will serve as a true expansion to this world, and how well Justice League does is important for the franchise's future.

Justice League may be fifth film in this universe, but WB has wasted no time putting dozens of ideas into development. Most recently, it has been Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke possibly getting the solo movie treatment, but there are countless other characters waiting for their shot. This includes solo movies for a few Justice League members - including Ezra Miller's Flash - and the future of those movies will depend on how well Justice League does in the coming weeks.

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Variety reporter Justin Kroll was on Meet the Movie Press this week and the discussion eventually turned to Justice League. In this discussion (around the 28 minute mark), Kroll stepped in to give "an insider tidbit" about Warner Bros.' state of mind regarding the future of this universe. Kroll reveals that he's heard the studio is taking a step back and waiting to see how well Justice League performs financially (and critically) before moving forward with multiple films a year. He says he's been tracking directors for Flashpoint and other DC films, but has heard they're slowing those searches down.

This is not the first time reports have surfaced that Warner Bros. is in a bit of a holding pattern when it comes to their DC future. Back in May, Forbes writer Mark Hughes shared similar information that Justice League's success will determine future films. But in the months that followed, more reports have surfaced of new DC movies in development or updates that some films have continued to make progress. Now that two separate sources have shared similar information months apart, it is clear the studio is waiting to make significant announcements.

There have still been plenty of updates on the future of DC's presence on the big screen though. Suicide Squad 2 landed Gavin O'Connor as writer/directorWonder Woman 2 was confirmedDeathstroke got his own movie; and Shazam! pushes ahead at full steam and now has Zachary Levi attached to star. Of note, though, these projects (aside from Wonder Woman 2) are all for movies about non-Justice League members, meaning those characters are likely the ones DC is being tentative with, understandably since they're the most well known characters they're dealing with.

Kroll notes that the solo film model may not be the future of this universe, making the change to Flashpoint even more understandable as it can serve as an unofficial sequel to Justice League by bringing all those characters back. The hosts also note that Cyborg (and possibly even Deathstroke) could be years away from happening, or (potentially) never happening at all. WB has no shortage of options to keep DC content on the big screen, but now it is up to them to deliver with Justice League and figure out what the future holds for Flashpoint and others.

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Source: Meet the Movie Press

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