Prepare for Superman's Rebirth With Road to Justice League Recap Video

A video recapping the first four movies of the DC Films universe has been released to prepare fans for Justice League. Back in 2013, Man of Steel got things started for the DC Comics shared film universe. The movie told a darker side of the Superman story than previous films had. While the reviews were mixed, the box office did well enough to warrant both a sequel, and the expansion of the universe. It was another three years before both of those things happened, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both films also suffered from mixed reviews, though some impressive numbers at the box office.

Then this summer came Wonder Woman. The film achieved numerous box office records and was the first universally praised film within the DCEU. Star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins helped change superhero movies forever, and set a very high bar for the next movies in the shared universe. This week the follow up - Justice League - will open and audiences will see whether they achieve the same level of success and acclaim as Wonder Woman.

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But first, it helps to remember the details of the four movies that came before. Anton Volkov has released a video recap of the previous DCEU movies on YouTube in order to remind audiences of what they need to know before Justice League opens and the various heroes team up - including the soon to be resurrected Superman.

Henry Cavill Superman

The video starts with a montage of Clark, Bruce, and Diana all as children, reminding audiences how they got their start. It's sort of an interesting reminder that Clark and Bruce suffered extreme tragedies as children - Bruce the death of his parents and Clark the destruction of his planet - while the more hopeful Diana was raised with love, separate from the horrors of the world. It's certainly an early indication of what kind of heroes and people they ended up being as adults.

The video takes audiences through the movies in chronological order instead of by release date. So Diana's story, set during World War I, is the first one explored. Clark/Superman's story is started alone, though once his fight with Zod begins, audiences are reminded that the story of Bruce Wayne/Batman began in this universe at the same time. Just like in the movie, those stories are told simultaneously.

In spite of none of the members of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad being a part of of the Justice League, the movie is given a few minutes as well. Perhaps some of the characters and events will have more of an effect on Justice League than the fans are currently aware of. In any case, the movie helped set up Justice League with the conversation Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller had about him forming a team to replace the Suicide Squad. The clips of Bruce and Diana looking up the other heroes is included as well, providing a reminder of how much set up there has been. And some Justice League footage is also included in the recap, such as a reminder that while Superman died, he will not remain dead for long.

Since early reactions to Justice League have largely been positive, it's looking like the movie will continue the shift in the DCEU that began with Wonder Woman. And with this recap to help remind fans of what has come before, they can be ready for whatever the movie has in store.

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Source: Anton Volkov

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