Justice League Reacts To Avengers: Infinity War Trailer In New Fan Video

A funny new fan video imagines the Justice League's reaction to the recently released Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Trailer mash-ups aren't exactly a new thing in the Youtube community, but they're a great way for talented fans to show off their own talent and express their love for their favorite films. Youtube user DrMachakil has become something of a mash-up master over the last few years, cranking out such winners as "Tom Cruise falls into other movies" and the spectacularly spot-on "PHONE FIGHTS : The Joker vs John McClane". (Seriously, give the latter a watch at least -- it's awesome.)

DrMachakil is perhaps best known for his reaction parody videos, like "Superheroes react to Donald Trump's Victory", "Andrew Garfield reacts to Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer", and of course, "The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer". In the latter, playing the first official trailer for Justice League over Ultron's introduction scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron resulted in DrMachakil's biggest hit to date, racking up over 6 million views in the 6 months since its release.

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Given how big that video was, an inverse of Earth's Mightiest Heroes reacting to DC's finest was inevitable. Check out the results for yourself in the embedded video above.

Admittedly, "Justice League reacts to Avengers Infinity War Trailer" isn't quite as strong as its predecessor, as the scene featuring the DC heroes' reactions (their rooftop rendezvous with Commissioner Gordon) doesn't sync up quite as well as the Avengers' shock and terror in their first meeting with Ultron. DrMachakil doesn't have nearly as much footage to work with here either, since Justice League is still in theaters, so he or she had to pull some voiceover from other projects to make it all come together.

It's also important to take this mash-up for what it is -- a fun bit of teasing amongst comic fans -- and nothing more. Surely every comment section associated with this video will be flooded with folks looking to stoke the fires of the Marvel vs DC debate, but at the end of the day, the success of one superhero franchise can only help the others. No matter which companies' heroes you love most, we're in this awesome bubble of time where comic book movies are coming out every few months. Just sit back and enjoy it, wait patiently for Infinity War to hit theaters and blow our minds, and hope DC heard what Margot Robbie had to say earlier today about trusting their directors.

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