Justice League: Cyborg Actor Praises DC's Take on Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Ray Fisher is one of many who are in full support of how Henry Cavill's Superman has been treated in the new DC film universe and Justice League. Before the idea of a shared universe was realized, Cavill was tasked with helping relaunch Superman. Following Bryan Singer's Superman Returns and Christopher Nolan's grounded take on Batman, Zack Snyder worked to bring Superman into the modern age. In doing so, Superman has been the mainstay of the new universe, but a character who continues to be hidden in the marketing for Justice League.

Even with him being a character audiences have seen the most of in Warner Bros.' young universe, he's been seen as a figure of controversy. Supporters of the continuing arc praise Snyder and DC for taking a different approach with the Man of Steel, one that will hopefully culminate with him becoming the "true" version of Superman in Justice League. The doubters meanwhile point to a misuse of DC's hopeful hero.

Ray Fisher is poised to get a true introduction as Cyborg in Justice League and told Geek Magazine that he is a big fan of the way Superman has been treated in this new universe. He is approaching this not only from an actor's perspective to explain how his character views Superman, but also offers up his personal opinion on Superman's role.

He's hope. If we're going with the timeline of everything, Victor would have still been human at the time that Superman was very much a figure of controversy on this planet. I have to say, I'm a BvS supporter and I love the work that was done on Superman. One of the big themes for me watching BvS is you look at Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne: they're a perfect study as to what's going on in the world around us. Think about Superman. He's basically a penniless, orphaned immigrant who simply just wants to do good and nobody will let him. And then you have two of the most powerful and intelligent men on the planet who have had their places in the world basically upended. They're basically told, 'you were at the top of the food chain, but here's this person who could literally do more than you ever could and doesn't want a single thing. They don't want to take advantage of anybody, they're not after money, they're not after anything except to do the right thing. That would make people very nervous

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Fisher obviously has a very close connection to DC and Warner Bros., so he would never criticize the way they are running things, but this doesn't appear to be the usual PR-approved sentiments. He may be part of this DC world now, but Fisher is also clearly a fan of the properties and brings a unique perspective to the Superman conversation. The themes he mentions from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are noticeable, and his immigrant comparison translates well to Superman telling the story immigrants in America.

Similar arguments to Superman's portrayal have been expressed before, and with BvS and Man of Steel continuing to gain more fans, it may ultimately depend on how Justice League handles the character's resurrection to determine how successful (if at all) this arc was. If Superman returns and becomes the hero many believe him to be, then people may look back on his two previous appearances with greater appreciation after seeing what it all has been building to.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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