Justice League Watercolor Posters Repaint the DC Team


Justice League posters get a brand a new spin with watercolor character images. We're finally down to the last few days of waiting before we find out what Warner Bros. has cooked up for their first superhero ensemble film. As we inch closer and closer to the movie's release date, the film studio is still relentless in promoting the movie not just Stateside, but in other countries as well.

Taking the responsibility to keep Earth safe after Superman's supposed death in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman recruits several special-skilled beings who could help him in his endeavor. With the assistance of Diana Prince, the pair attempts to establish a new team of superheroes that would safeguard humanity in the case of a new threat. Unfortunately, the team won't have enough time to get to know each other well as they are immediately thrust to their first battle against supervillain Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons,  who are already lurking in the shadows, just waiting to strike anytime soon.


The new batch of character posters has emerged on Imgur and features the whole gang, including the usually Justice League marketing absent, Superman. The six images show individually highlights the heroes' full profile while they strike their most powerful-looking poses. Mostly painted in black and white, the artist opted to incorporate some color into the pieces by including each of the heroes' insignias in the background. Check out the nifty artworks below:

The Chinese film market is regarded as one of the biggest in the world, so it is not a surprise that Warner Bros. is hard at promoting Justice League in the East Asian nation. In fact, the movie's global press tour kicked off in China a couple of weeks ago after the first batch of local posters for the flick was rolled out.  Traditionally, comic book films are popular in the country with DC's previous slate of films such as Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman both taking home $90 million at the Chinese box office. But with the scale and roster that the upcoming ensemble movie has, there is a chance that it could earn more and cross the $100 million sales line.

All in all, marketing for Justice League has been very creative. Warner Bros. really made sure to change things up especially in regard to the film's posters. We have seen different variations of it -- from comic book-style of artwork to one that cleverly used each heroes' symbols in the "You Can't Save The World" variant.

Warner Bros.' efforts may just be worth it with the movie potentially racking $120 million in its debut weekend. Early reactions to the film appear to have a general consensus that Justice League is a really enjoyable blockbuster, with all the heroes given ample time to shine. And despite gripes about having a thin and flawed narrative, critics are generally excited on what is next for the DC films franchise --  a great thing to have especially after a couple of divisive outings prior to nabbing their first true success with Wonder Woman. 


Source: Imgur

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