Justice League Posters Confirm New Trailer This Weekend

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Warner Bros. is gearing up for the final Justice League marketing push with a new trailer announced to arrive this coming Sunday. Anticipation for DC's big team up has been building for some time. The now-untitled DC film universe began to lay the foundations for Justice League last year in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whereas Batman V Superman only offered glimpses of certain Justice League members, it put Batman in a place where he and Wonder Woman would need to assemble a superhero team together, paving the way for Justice League the film in the process.

The film has been subjected to a high level of scrutiny during both its production and post-production, due to both the anticipation surrounding the project and the shakeups in personnel that occurred after principal photography had been completed. A lighter tone, rewrites post-Batman V Superman, and a change in the director's chair are just a few of the changes that the movie has gone through during its development. Thankfully, that's all behind us now and now fans can focus on the actual marketing for the film instead.

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The official Justice League Twitter account has confirmed that a new (and likely final) trailer for Justice League will be released on Sunday. There is no information on when or how it will debut, but this release date coincides with the final day of New York Comic Con, meaning WB may be looking end the convention with a bang. If not there, then the trailer could simply be released online or even during Sunday Night Football. While we wait for the trailer's release, new character posters for the Justice League members have arrived (see the gallery below):

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Now that we finally know when the new trailer for Justice League will arrive, the question now is - what will it show? The marketing so far has done a very good job of not showing anything that appears to be too spoilery from the film, but WB has slipped up with DC movies before in this respect (see the trailer reveal of Doomsday in BvS, for case in point). Hopefully this time, WB will not repeat the same mistake and keep certain elements of Justice League (like Superman's inevitable return) under-wraps for now.

These posters, meanwhile, should be enough to tide fans over in the meantime. Per usual, Superman is the only member of the Justice League to not get a poster of his own here. Perhaps that's to avoid revealing that Superman will be donning his black suit in the movie?

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