New Justice League Poster Includes Hippolyta & Mera

Justice League - Amber Heard as Mera

A brand-new poster for Justice League has arrived, uniting the team and their allies in colorful detail. While the trailers for Justice League have shown a film that utilizes the typical palette of a Zack Snyder movie, the marketing has taken a different approach. For the past few months, a number of colorful new posters have arrived for the upcoming DC team-up. Not only have these eye-catching images helped to make the film look more fun, but they've called back to the comics from which the movie's characters were born.

With Justice League now on the verge of debuting, Warner Bros and DC have given fans three new posters this week alone. Two days ago, posters for the Chinese release of Justice League took a more artistic approach to the team and even brought Superman into the mix. Those character posters were followed up by two more group images, with one announcing the pre-sale for Justice League tickets and the other hyping the IMAX release of the DC epic. Like the Chinese posters, these new ones were done in a style reminiscent of the comics. Now, one more can be added to that list.

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Dolby Digital unveiled a new Justice League poster that offers an electrically vibrant shot of the team. Bringing both realism and embellishment to the design of the League, the new poster even features two of the League's most formidable allies.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE #JusticeLeague artwork! Heroes unite in Dolby Cinema - tix available now: @justiceleaguewb

— Dolby Cinema (@DolbyCinema) October 26, 2017

Below the League, flanking them on either side, we can see the Amazons and Atlanteans. With Queen Hippolyta leading her forces from Themyscira on one side and future queen Mera with Atlantean soldiers on the other, the League won't be alone in fighting the Parademons swarming above. It's long been confirmed that the prologue to Justice League brings the Amazons and Atlanteans together, but this posters suggests they may have a bigger role to play in the film that previously expected.

While the Parademons will be enough for the League to handle, the arrival of the film's big bad could necessitate the arrival of their allies. Based on what the film's trailers have revealed so far, it's clear that Steppenwolf will not be an easy foe to conquer, even for DC's greatest superheroes. Luckily, the Amazons and Atlanteans will be well-equipped to help in the battle against Darkseid's relative.

Another new promo for Justice League that arrived this week featured Mera in battle against Steppenwolf. Like Aquaman, she has some impressive strength and durability. She can also command water itself, shaping it to her will. While Mera and Hippolyta won't be official members of the League, they'll certainly be valuable assets to the team in Justice League.

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Source: Dolby Digital

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