Justice League's Post-Credits Scenes Explained In Detail

Major spoilers for Justice League.


Justice League goes all in on post-credits scenes, with two extra sequences after the movie ends - one in the middle of the names, one at the very end - that give a bit more time with new characters and vastly expand where the DC Films franchise is heading. Today we're going to take a deep dive into what happens in both, what their comic influences are and, most importantly, the movies they tease.

While the DCEU has had post-credits scenes before - Suicide Squad teased the League's formation - this is the first time the main, Zack Snyder series has. Indeed, it can definitely be read as the franchise trying to Marvel-ize, and at least one appears to be the product of Joss Whedon's reshoots. Nevertheless, it more generally represents the franchise's expansion - both in terms of tone and story. But in what direction?

The Mid-Credits Scene: Superman vs. The Flash (This Page)

Superman Vs. The Flash

Superman and Flash Race

The mid-credits scene takes us back to Kansas where Superman and the Flash are preparing to resolve who really is the fastest member of the League with a race to the coast. They joke about how it's just a friendly game and not a macho competition - but, of course, Barry doesn't really believe that, with Superman ribbing him about how the "fastest man alive" could be kicked off the team. They set the stakes - if Flash wins, he gets to tell everyone he won, if Superman wins, Barry must take the team out for brunch - count down, and race off.

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Ostensibly, this is the "joke" stinger; a bit of light humor after the film allowing a bit more character interaction. Indeed, it's full of callbacks to various moments in the film proper: the entire speed comparison was a running gag between the two, even informing a major beat in the finale, but the brunch line references Barry admitting to Bruce he hated the meal due to its lackadaisical nature (feeling betrayed he shared that personal information) and there's a return of his directional confusion. However, it still has quite a bit of weight in the scope of the story, giving a taste of the camaraderie between the now-formed League; Superman is truly back as a light beacon of hope and Flash has integrated into the group.

In the comics, the duo have a history of competing against each other in footraces and other speed competitions. They first raced in Superman #199, which gave us the iconic shot of the pair racing side-by-side as the League cheers them on, and the friendly rivalry has been returned to repeatedly over the years. While initially DC had the pair always tying to avoid upsetting fans of either character, over time Flash won a couple of bouts, securing his position as the victor (which makes sense - Supes may be fast, but was rarely presented as quick enough to turn back time). As for who wins in the DCEU, well, that's not shown and probably for good reason; it would be far too embarrassing for whoever loses! But if we had to bet, we'd put our money on Barry - assuming he doesn't get lost.

This scene would appear to come from the reshoots. Tonally it's more in sync with what Whedon added - right down to the callbacks being to jokes he added - and, of course, Superman has the blurred upper-lip caused by the CGI removal of Henry Cavill's mustache.

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