'Justice League Part 1' in 2017, 'Part 2' in 2019; Zack Snyder Directing

Justice League Part 1 in 2017. Part 2 in 2019

Warner Bros. and DC have fully unveiled their upcoming superhero/comic book movie slate at long last, after setting release dates for ten developing DC comic book adaptations - including, the currently in-production Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zack Snyder is calling the shots on that feature, and it was previously revealed that he shall also be overseeing the long-awaited live-action Justice League movie thereafter.

We can now confirm that there Snyder will, in fact, be directing a two-part Justice League movie event. Justice League Part One will open in theaters on November 12th, 2017, followed by Justice League Part Two on June 14th, 2019.

So far, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Amy Adams are all confirmed to be reprising their roles from Batman V Superman - as, respectively, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman and Lois Lane - in Justice League Part One. Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio (Argo), who penned the Batman V Superman shooting script based on an earlier draft by David S. Goyer, may well be writing both Justice League films, but we await official confirmation on that matter.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Movie Suits

Cavill, Affleck, and Adams will be joined in Justice League Part One by Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman (whose solo movie will arrive in 2017), and presumably also Jason Momoa as Aquaman (whose own solo movie launches in 2018). Not to mention, Ray Fisher as Cyborg (his solo movie arrives in 2020) will likely be along for the ride too, while Ezra Miller's The Flash is also a real possibility (as is whoever ends up starring in the upcoming Green Lantern reboot in 2020). It remains to be seen which of these actors will also be featured in Justice League Part Two (if not all of them).

Snyder's Man of Steel remains one of the more controversial relaunches of an iconic superhero on the big screen in recent memory; to this today, just mentioning the film is bound to start up a heated debate amongst comic book movie fans. However, there is no denying that the filmmaker is a true artist - one who has a vision for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, as evidenced by his multiple eyebrow-raising casting selections for Batman V Superman.

As such, WB and DC have gone ahead and given the director their blessing to blaze this trail over the next few years. For our money, we're eagerly looking forward to seeing Snyder's Justice League vision realized on the big screen... and finding out what shape the world of DC's greatest superheroes takes on in live-action form, at long last.


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Justice League: Part One opens in U.S. theaters on November 12th, 2017, followed by Part Two on June 14th, 2019.

Source: Warner Bros.

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