Scrapped Parademons Concept Art Was a Major Departure from the Comics

Zack Snyder's Justice League featured the villainous Steppenwolf trying to enact the end of the world with the help of his flying Parademons, but it turns out that the winged monsters nearly had a very different design.

The Parademons were the official henchmen of Steppenwolf, beaming down from Apokolips to help the horned menace locate the Mother Boxes. They played a major part in helping Ciarán Hinds' villain form Unity, but apart from that and hindering the League, the Parademons didn't do much other than serve as a buzzing nuisance to the movie's storyline. We got up close and personal with the aliens, however, they were originally supposed to look different.

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Appearing on the pages of Justice League: The Art of the Film, the Parademons take on a much more gothic style. The images showcase the Parademons that we could've had, while production designer Patrick Tatopoulos reveals his thoughts on the Apokolips bad guys:

"The Parademons don't feel like any of the heroes; they're clearly a different species. And they're not just black or gray. It was important to us that even the evil characters retain colors. They are not just the stereotypical dark things, but something else, something more interesting."

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First introduced in The New Gods #1 from 1971, the horde of flying foes were shown to be loyal to Darkseid. With armored outfits and protective goggles, the classic comic book look isn't too far off the version from Justice League. However, with much more of a skeletal appearance, Tatopoulos' Parademons are clearly channeling much more of an alien look.

Despite the obvious differences between the finished product and Tatopoulos' design, all versions have the Parademon's glowing eyes sunken in their heads. Interestingly, Justice League did feature various different types of Parademon - distinguished by their colored glasses - but Snyder didn't really go into too much detail on why. Instead, they became a swirling mass of wings that were easily dispatched by the various superheroes. Despite this, color was clearly always part of the Parademons design.

Sticking with the New 52 continuity, the JL Parademons were also revealed to be the processed corpses of Steppenwolf's victims, which is presumably where the whole color coding comes from. The Parademons concept art is a massive departure from the comic books and may have come under fire for being a little too out there, so at least the final Parademons fit nicely with Snyder's aesthetic and an equally gloomy Gotham City.

While the concept art is clearly a little more elaborate than the Parademons that flew onto our screens for Justice League, you have to remember that Snyder and co. were somewhat tied to an already existing design. With the Parademons appearing in Batman's "Knightmare" sequence in Batman V Superman, it would've looked a little odd to change them too much. That being said, Justice League gave audiences a much closer look at the creatures, and it is a shame that we settled on such a simple design.

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Source: Justice League: The Art of the Film

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