Justice League Opening Not Expected To Top Thor: Ragnarok

The latest box office projections for Justice League's opening weekend indicate the DC film will bring in $110 million domestically, which would be lower than this month's Thor: Ragnarok. At long last, the DC Extended Universe's highly-anticipated ensemble piece is upon us, with fans eager to see how successful the film will ultimately be. Early reviews have indicated the project is a fun, if uneven, work that represents a step in the right direction for the franchise, with many praising the portrayal of the main heroes.

In addition to the critical consensus, many eyes will be on Justice League's box office performance, especially considering the expensive reshoots that allegedly raised the production budget past the $300 million mark. Globally, it's expected to rake in between $325-355 million, which would be the second-highest debut in the DCEU's young history. When the Stateside numbers are isolated, it's clear Zack Snyder's latest is going to be a hit, but it may come up short when compared to Marvel's newest blockbuster.

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Per Variety, tracking for Justice League indicates it should gross around $110 million in its first three days, which is the same figure as estimates that came out towards the end of October. While this would top the opening weekend haul for this summer's Wonder Woman, the predictions for Justice League are arguably disappointing. Even though this is the first time DC's titans have come together on screen, it is not expected to top the $121 million start posted by Thor: Ragnarok earlier this month, or even many of its fellow DCEU predecessors. If things hold the way they are, Justice League would not be in the same ballpark as Batman V Superman ($166 million), and come up well short of matching Man of Steel ($116.6 million) or Suicide Squad ($133.6 million).

It's surprising to see Justice League projections so "low" (relatively speaking), but there are some reasons that might explain it. For starters, the divisiveness of the DCEU in general may have quelled some casual audience members' enthusiasm for future endeavors, especially since this team-up is not seen as a marked improvement over what's come before. Though the infamous Rotten Tomatoes score is being withheld, reviews are now online, with aggregate Metacritic indicating mixed responses. Also, premiering so soon after Ragnarok seems to have lessened the demand somewhat, since some people have already gotten their superhero fix thanks to Odinson and the Hulk. Obviously, there's still interest in seeing the League unite, but odds are Warner Bros. was hoping for something more than $110 million in three days.

If there is a silver lining for Justice League, it's that it is the last major studio tentpole to open in theaters before Star Wars: The Last Jedi, getting a one month head start on the galaxy far, far away. Pixar's Coco will surely be a smash over the Thanksgiving holiday, but is targeting a different demographic than DC's latest. Hopefully, that lack of competition will allow Justice League to have strong legs commercially, carrying it through until Luke Skywalker arrives for Christmas.

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Source: Variety

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