Justice League Never Included Black Superman Suit

New information from a VFX worker with connections with Justice League reveals that Superman's black suit was never going to be in the film

Superman was never going to wear the Black Suit in Justice League, reveals VFX personnel who has connections with the film's production. Since the Man of Steel bit the dust in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice after sacrificing himself to contain the Lex Luthor-made Doomsday, fans have already starting concocting their own theories as to how his resurrection will go about. One of the most popular theories out there is the emergence of a changed-Superman making his return by also debuting the infamous Black Suit.

Fans can't really be blamed if this particular speculation garnered buzz. Not only does it pose an interesting subplot for the film, folks involved in Justice League actually latched on to the hype. We have seen the renders of the black suit in several tie-in merchandise items, not to mention Cavill even posting a photo of the monochromatic garb. Having said that, we now learn that the dark ensemble was never even considered to debut in the latest DC epic.


In a recent Reddit AMA hosted by an anonymous source with the handle LDN_Film who claims to have knowledge of the tumultuous production of Justice League, the tipster shared some nuggets on information regarding the interesting notion that despite all the hyping up, the movie was never going to include him in his black suit. Now it does sound a bit sketchy not knowing who the informant is, but the moderators of the DC Cinematic subreddit first checked his legitimacy and verified for the community that the poster was not a hoax.

Admittedly, the way Justice League went about in resurrecting Superman is an unexpected way of doing it and on some levels, it ties well with the bigger DC Films' franchise having a connection with Dawn of Justice. However, much like a lot of elements in this film, it is pretty divisive. Some people dug it, some people didn't. Those who had problems with it mainly cite that it basically botches what could have been a great way to incorporate the infamous Black Suit and open up other storytelling possibilities in the universe. Sure it may have been a bit predictable given how much hyping the darker garb had in the last several months even teasing the suit during the promo tour.

Many fans have even suggested that Zack Snyder included the suit in his original cut, only for it to be removed along with countless other changes by Joss Whedon, but that's clearly not the case. Nonetheless, DC die-hards are relentless in petitioning that Snyder's original cut be released. Unfortunately, even that does not seem to be feasible as the same source also shared that apparently, there is no such thing as a completed Snyder cut.


Source: LDN_Film

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