Justice League: Ray Fisher Addresses 'Needless Negativity' of Rumors

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The DC universe is subject to rumors just like every other franchise, but Ray Fisher is tired of the needlessly negative ones constantly aimed at Justice League. Thanks to age of the internet and the hyper-competitive state of covering the entertainment industry, rumors and reports are a constant source of discussion. Every major franchise deals with them from time to time, but it seems none are attacked as feverishly as Warner Bros. growing DC universe.

Divisive films and their stories/characters have contributed to this negativity, as well as the continued DC vs Marvel rivalry that persists online. However, there is also an argument to be made that this universe simply has a PR problem in general. Whether it is the constant leaks or regular spins that the universe is in trouble, the negative feelings are there for some, and Cyborg wants it to stop.

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While speaking to Geek Magazine, Ray Fisher was asked about the different directing styles he's had to work with on Justice League. With Joss Whedon taking over for Zack Snyder (following the loss of his daughter), reshoot rumors have been a big topic for Justice League, as fans wonder just how much Whedon is changing. The cast has continued to downplay the severity of these reshoots, but that hasn't stopped various reports to come out that make it sound as though the universe is in trouble. Fisher says that the switch behind the camera worked as well as it could have, and that he's trying to stay out of the constantly churning rumor mill.

They're two very different people, but at the end of the day, they're two very different people who basically want the same thing, and that's to tell the best possible story for these characters and get them launched off into a really great direction. So what I think Joss has come in and done is that he's found really good ways to bond the team, he's found good ways to bond them organically, so it sets them up to go really anywhere in the future.

While it's a different directing style, the fact that Zack had handed the [reins] to him is, like, 'You just have to trust the process.' While there wasn't a lot of time to build that rapport that you would normally have with a director, at the end of the day, it's about making sure that the fans have the best possible experience that we can possibly give them. So for all the rumor mill stuff, listen. I think there's a lot of needless negativity that I'm personally dedicating myself not to become a part of.

Even though some of the movies may not have met the expectations of some, the sometimes-overwhelming sense of negativity with DC’s slate continues to hamper the general excitement and cause fan division online. Hopefully, in the wake of Wonder Woman’s success - not only at the box office but also critically – the amount of negative rumors will start to wind down as the majority continues to become more pleased with the films.

If the films continue to increase in quality and the general reception to them remain positive, then it will be easier for many to look at DC's future slate and the news that comes about each of those properties in a better light. The DC universe has a passionate following and it would be understandably frustrating from the point of view of Fisher (or anyone else involved) to see so much negativity, but as the universe gains more supporters, the hope will be that any negativity will be the minority.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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