The THREE Justice League Movies That Can Save The DCEU

If WB wants a Justice League movie universe, then DC Comics just showed them how it's done. Obviously, making a shared universe work with movie versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman is a different challenge than launching a new Justice League comic book. But that's where this DC relaunch is different, since DC is using their best known characters to launch not one, but THREE Justice League books.

Based on three different teams, with three different strengths, and potentially three different genres, DC's New Justice League comics are spreading the spotlight across a truly diverse lineup. And when comic book fans are excited for a relaunch, those making comic book movies should pay attention.

Because the three new Justice League teams could be just what's needed to get the DC movie universe back on track. Let us explain how.

Wonder Woman Stars in: Justice League Dark

The fantasy and dark magic of the DC Universe may be less know than the superheroic side of things, but is just as important to cosmic stability. It's for that reason that a team known as Justice League Dark has been formed in the modern DCU, designed to tackle the mysteries and threats tied to the occult mystical underpinnings of this reality. And while a Justice League Dark movie has been in the works for some years, progress has been slow, if visible at all. A problem the comic is proactively avoiding, by putting a DC heavyweight as its main hero: Wonder Woman.

Movie audiences have been asking for heroines to claim more of the spotlight for quite some time, so it's no surprise to observe Diana in more and more leadership roles in the modern DCU. Not just for her abilities, but for her unique connections to magic, mysticism, and mythology (Greek, Roman, or any other variation). Her experience, power, knowledge, and intuition lead her to pair up with Zatanna against a coming magical crisis. And bring Swamp Thing, Dr. Fate, and more along for the ride.

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From a movie point of view, such a move could be what's needed to spark Justice League Dark into motion. Suicide Squad suggested that the powers of magic were rising on the DCEU's Earth, and Shazam will likely introduce more to the DCEU's mythology. Whether the movie chooses to introduce Zatanna, Constantine, or maybe even The Rock's antihero Black Adam, anchoring it to Wonder Woman would help its chances, as DC's clearest "winner" among general audiences so far.

Trying to get moviegoers to care about a "dark" Justice League might seem like a long shot. But put Diana front and center, and few would question whether the film is one they'll line up for.

Justice League Odyssey With Cyborg, Green Lantern & Darkseid

The "No Justice" event that has launched this new wave of Justice League books also did the impossible, breaking open the Source Wall that surrounds and protects the entire DC Universe from the mysteries that exist beyond it. The Green Lantern Corps are the only group plugging the hole in the wall, but it's not a permanent solution. Which leads to the formation of a cosmic Justice League team, charged with addressing the new threats coming Earth's way... while they're still millions of miles off.

If "a ragtag group of superheroes sent to investigate a cosmic threat" doesn't seem like a strong enough premise for a Justice League spinoff, then what they end up finding might tip the scales. Or not what, but who - as Darkseid shows up to help the Justice League against a resurrected villain. A villain who seems more and more likely to be Darkseid's vengeful father...

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