Will Zack Snyder Return To Justice League's Production?

Zack Snyder - Justice League Set Interview

As Justice League begins to wrap up its reshoots, a rumor is beginning to circulate about whether Zack Snyder will return to the film in some capacity. The director stepped down from the DCEU team-up in May due to personal reasons and was replaced by Joss Whedon, who is directing the reshoots (which he'd already been brought on to write) and generally overseeing post production. Through all this it's been made clear The Avengers filmmaker (who is next set to take on his own DC project, Batgirl) is honoring what Snyder originally envisioned.

Of course, the rumor mill suggests otherwise, with the past few weeks bringing up a variety of speculation about the state of the project and specifically the extent of the reshoots in both the amount of the story being changed and how that affects the tone. We're not going to be going too deep into all that today and instead turn our eyes to some new information.

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It's been reported by some sites that Zack Snyder may be returning to the Justice League fold in some form to help finish up the film. Tracking these reports backwards, you wind up at a post on r/DCEULeaks from prominent poster WBUT7 stating the following:

"There have been rumors around the office and around the levels that Zack Snyder will soon return to finish up his movie. Although these are in no way confirmed, people have been talking about how he may come in within the next month or so to finalize the product and promote it."

OK, let's get the grit trucks to the door and make this clear. DCEULeaks is rarely a reliable source of information, a mixture of unverifiable speculation and fan fiction. This particular user is intriguing insofar as they've been posting regularly over the past few months with updates on the state of the franchise that line up somewhat with the truth; they claim the info is gathered from a source inside a WB office, something that is kept up throughout all their posts and responses. That said, it's hard to verify either way as it's a lot of internal workings, so thus not fully represented by the public side of Warners and also rather dry; these aren't scandalous, binary suggestions of Green Lantern's appearance or similar.

What we do already know is that Snyder is still directly involved in Justice League to some capacity; Warner Bros. President and CCO Toby Emmerich said as much following his departure, making the director change a matter of reshoot helming and predominant leadership. And, in turn, it appears what's being suggested by this latest rumor is that Snyder will return prominently and publicly to the late stage of the edit to provide active input on fine tuning and final approval of the whole project.

Regardless of the specific authenticity, this in conjunction with the previous WB statement raises the question of Snyder's continued involvement in the film (and, we suppose, the franchise); a curious suggestion worthy of exploration regardless. When he left, it was presented as a complete handing over of the keys to Whedon, but how much of that was spin to make the ship look stable? And, further, could Snyder return, either as an active director or figurehead?

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