Gal Gadot Says Justice League Isn't A Wonder Woman Movie

Gal Gadot describes Diana Prince's role on the Justice League team, confirming the ensemble piece is not another Wonder Woman movie in disguise.

Gal Gadot has opened up about Wonder Woman's role in the upcoming Justice League film, emphasizing that the team-up is very much an ensemble piece and isn't masquerading as another solo Wonder Woman movie. Earlier this year, the DC Extended Universe (or whatever it ends up being officially called) got the first bona fide commercial and critical hit it needed when Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman broke box office records and earned widespread critical praise. Diana Prince quickly became one of the franchise's most bankable and popular characters, so it isn't surprising that Warner Bros. is already hard at work on the sequel and have plans to include Wonder Woman in Flashpoint.

Of course, the character will be seen again on the big screen in a little over a month in Justice League, where she works with Bruce Wayne to unite the titular group of superheroes to battle Steppenwolf. Following Wonder Woman's dominance this summer, it was easy to notice the Amazonian warrior had an increased presence in marketing for Justice League. Part of this is due to the fact that she's a main character, but WB also wanted to underscore her involvement to drum up excitement. Though Diana is an integral figure of the crossover event, Gadot was quick to point out this fall's blockbuster isn't Wonder Woman 2.0.

In an interview with Empire (via CBM), Gadot talked about Wonder Woman's value to the team (besides her incredible powers, that is) and how she serves as its moral leader:

"I did one week [for reshoots]. Diana serves as the glue of the team. She finds moments to support every one of the team and make them feel stronger or believe in themselves. But this is not a Wonder Woman movie."

This is very much in line with the character of Diana, as she is a firm believer in love and compassion. It makes sense she would be a supportive, almost motherlike, figure. Fans have already seen glimpses of this aspect in Wonder Woman, when she encouraged Charlie to stay and fight by simply saying, "Who will sing for us?" Wonder Woman knows how to connect with others on an emotional level, allowing her allies to understand their importance and worth when it comes to solving the task at hand. This should be quite beneficial for The Flash, a youngster who is clearly in over his head dealing with parademons. Barry Allen will spend much time under Bruce Wayne's wing, but an experienced fighter like Diana probably has some useful tips to share as well. Hopefully, her interactions with her teammates are some of Justice League's best character moments.

It's also nice to hear that despite Wonder Woman's status as a blockbuster icon, Justice League will be about the collective whole and is "not a Wonder Woman movie." Superhero team films always have to find a tricky balance in order to give each member of the group their due onscreen, and sometimes the results can leave one or two characters with the short straw. Since Batman and Wonder Woman are responsible for putting the League together, they'll definitely be the catalysts for the narrative. But since Justice League could potentially be a launching pad for films revolving around others like Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, it'll be pertinent they leave a lasting impression on audiences. Hopefully, it all turns out for the best.

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Source: Empire (via CBM)

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