Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

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Jeff Robinov, president of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group, is opening up and letting movie fans know that his company has some far-reaching plans for their DC superhero properties. Plans that include taking another shot at the long-stalled Justice League movie.

In addition to having a DC superhero team-up film to rival Marvel's The Avengers, Robinov has also stated that the team-up film will launch other cinematic properties like The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Of course a Justice League movie wouldn't be complete without Batman - but Chris Nolan has been very clear that his Batman trilogy (which ends next year with The Dark Knight Rises) is a self-contained universe. That's OK, says Robinov: they can just create a new version of the character for the Justice League continuity.

Speaking with Hero Complex, Robinov dropped the following tidbits:

  • DC/WB wants to have a Justice League movie in theaters by 2013.
  • A Justice League script is already in the works.
  • Wonder Woman and Flash scripts are already in the works.
  • A Wonder Woman movie WON'T conflict with the TV show (see: Smallville and Superman Returns).
  • Batman will still be a franchise "centerpiece" after Nolan departs.
  • Batman will be "rebooted" or "reinvented" after The Dark Knight Rises, likely for the Justice League continuity.

For the full story head over to Hero Complex.

We've known for a while now that Wonder Woman and The Flash, were being developed as films (particularly The Flash); however, I think it was widely assumed that the Wonder Woman TV Show was coming at us in lieu of the movie. It's interesting that the character will be breaking into not one but two lanes of media.

As for Justice League - it was always assumed that DC/WB would follow close on the heels of Marvel Studios and release a superhero team-up flick - but will it be George Miller's stalled Justice League movie from a few years ago that goes into development, or that new vision from the Nolan brothers that was rumored a while back? Maybe something else entirely?

Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises opening scene

Finally, we all knew that the Batman franchise wouldn't be allowed to lapse after Dark Knight Rises ended Nolan's run, but there has always been this question of how WB/DC would fit a shared continuity universe for Justice League around Nolan's self-contained universe. Sony's Amazing Spider-Man has already crossed the line of rebooting a character's continuity so soon after their latest cinematic outing, and from what Robinov says, Nolan could even have a hand in reinventing the Dark Knight for this new continuity. We'll see about that...

That's a brief but important slew of announcements from the DC/WB camp - what do you make of all this?

We'll keep you updated on the development of Justice League, the Wonder Woman and Flash movies as more info surfaces. We'll also keep you updated on any future Batman news.

Source: Hero Complex

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