Ben Affleck Says Wonder Woman Helped With Justice League Pressure

According to Ben Affleck, the success of Wonder Woman helped take some of the pressure off of Justice League. Next month, the titans of DC's movie universe will join forces. Thanks to the film's imminent arrival, promotion has been gearing up for Justice League of late. Among other things, that has led to Empire Magazine doing a massive cover story for Justice League, ahead of its release in theaters.

As part of that cover story, Empire unveiled several new images from Justice League, along with more information behind the scenes details about the film's development. Affleck claimed that Justice League is the most "massive" project he's ever worked on, visually-speaking, while the rest of the cast have reiterated that the final film will very much represent Zack Snyder's original vision. It seems that the success of Wonder Woman earlier this year also eased some of the pressure off the shoulders of Justice League's cast and crew.

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Empire spoke with Affleck about the pressure of such a big film having to tie together so many previous movies. For the actor, he admits that the reception of Wonder Woman earlier this year means that Justice League doesn't have to carry all the weight of the DC cinematic universe:

Justice League cast 2017

"It maybe takes a bit of pressure off of this movie in terms of needing to define the DC Universe. It doesn't feel like the whole world is riding on our shoulders so much"

After the mixed results of Batman v Superman and Suicide SquadJustice League's arrival has many fans anxious. Fortunately, Wonder Woman has proven to be a financial and critical hit, taking not only the film industry by storm, but finally giving the DC movie universe a full-fledged critical darling. Some of that goodwill should carry over to Justice League - not least of all because Gal Gadot will return as Diana in the film - and ease the pressure on the movie to perform exceptionally well, like Affleck noted.

Of course, that doesn't mean Justice League will be a Wonder-Woman-centric movie. While she'll play her role, the success of Diana's solo film won't hijack the narrative of the DC team outing. Instead, Justice League will attempt to shed new light on Wonder Woman and Batman while also introducing The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman ahead of their solo films. That is to say, even following on the heels of Wonder Woman, there are still plenty of plans and expectations riding on Justice League's success.

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Source: Empire Magazine

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