Justice League Movie Update

I've read some rumors from trusted sources online that the JLA movie will be called Justice League instead of Justice League of America. I think Nikki Finke's tongue-in-cheek reaction said it best:

"[N]o doubt its proper name Justice League Of America would be too jingoistic for the foreign market."

Why do studios keep doing this? I have commented that a Captain America movie may end up being called Captain UN or Captain International to remain politically correct. And don't forget, G.I. Joe won't be a "real American hero" anymore, instead a real "international hero." Sigh...

In related news, JLA, er, JL is rumored to only feature four superheroes, according to Finke. Why not all seven?!

My guess is budgetary issues; seven superheroes is just too many and can cost an arm and a leg (the Thor movie's budget reportedly came in at $300 million). Since Flash will be made into a movie in the next couple of years, and the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern films (the latter which was to be a comedy starring Jack Black three years ago) have been shelved, I'm guessing that's why Flash is reported to not to make a major appearance, but Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are.

Perhaps Martian Manhunter and Aquaman are too "obscure" to be featured in the movie? It's being widely reported that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are major players in the film, but there really hasn't been much talk of Flash, M.M. and Aquaman. At the very least, perhaps the three heroes make cameos in the film. Maybe one or two are taken prisoner, much like Cyclops was in X2. Good way to keep the film from becoming too much of an ensemble. (Heck, Professor X always seemed to be out of commission in the X-Men movies.)

Notably, Entertainment Weekly recently reported that all seven do make an appearance, so perhaps the cameo thing may be true, or it might be major appearances by all seven heroes. They also report the movie centers on a ruthless corporate type (aside from Tony Stark, why does it seem that all businessmen are villains?) named Maxwell Lord, whose robotics technology takes control of people, and havoc ensues. Superman fights Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively.

Also, if JL does well, you'll definitely see a Wonder Woman movie, plus I wouldn't be surprised if Green Lantern goes solo in his own film. No Hal Jordan for JL; instead, it's John Stewart.

The film, being directed by George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet--ugh) and written by Kiernan and Michele Mulroney (no doubt having gone through some revisions, possibly by other writers), won't be based on motion/performance capture and photorealistic CGI. Instead, it will be straight-up live action. Christian Bale still wants nothing to do with it, but Brandon Routh would like to return as Superman (no pun intended). Unfortunately, Warner Bros. won't push to have Bale and Routh appear. Which is a real shame, because they're great actors and I loved them as their respective super hero alter egos.

One last bit of news: The film begins shooting February 11, 2008 in Austrailia.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood Daily (read the last part of the story), Entertainment Weekly, Batman On Film (which makes a great argument against doing a JL movie now), & Superhero Hype!

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