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With the approach of a new Justice League trailer apparently comes multiple teasers of every member of the superhero team. The onslaught of trailer teasers began with a look at Jason Momoa's Aquaman superpowers, followed close behind by a hint of battle between the Batmobile and a Parademon (things heated up quickly). These clips may only run for a few seconds each, but with director Zack Snyder known for his visual flair, and the world hungry to see what more DC Comics heroes look like in live action, it's more than enough to keep impatience at bay.

The new Justice League trailer is expected to drop on Saturday, March 25th, but until then we've gathered all of the teaser videos released for fans to scrutinize in one convenient location. We've also included the previously released Justice League Comic-Con preview, and a glimpse behind the scenes of Justice League released in honor of UK production wrapping. There's no better time to catch up on what you've missed, or read through our details breakdowns of everything Snyder and co. have revealed - or let slip - thus far.

Cyborg Teaser

He's certainly the wild card of the group, as almost entirely-CG characters tend to be. But his history is just as long and illustrious as any of the other Leaguers, meaning a countless number of DC fans are more curious to see how Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will turn out than any others. The first shots in the teaser offer a closer look at more complete visual effects than prior previews - and an adherence to his classic design of the glowing red eye, chest, and blue circle on his forehead (the New 52 simplified it into one red color scheme).

The more of Cyborg is shown, the more it's becoming clear that he is a robotic product of Apokoliptian technology, and not a half-human, half-cybernetic organism as in the past. Instead of "half," it looks as though the Mother Box shown in Batman V Superman has actually replaced a good chunk of his body, as evidenced by the sea of techno-tendons in his neck and chest. That connection to Apokolips is expected to play a significant role in the story, but for now, Cyborg is mainly a mystery - and will remain so until the full length film.

Wonder Woman Teaser

As with the rest of the teasers, the trailer's first official preview of the heroes will be focusing on their civilian lives first. For Diana Prince, that means her job working in the archives of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. It's there where she'll be working at the beginning and end of Wonder Woman's modern storyline, and according to this tease, at the outset of Justice League as well. In this case, putting her talents and reverence of classical art to work in preservation of a massive statue. Until something dramatic steals her attention - the arrival of Steppenwolf's scouts, perhaps?

From there, the teaser suggests, she heads to Bruce Wayne's side to aid his assembling of heroes to defend from said (presumed) scouts. That gives a more substantial look at the Flying Fox, the massive aircraft that will be carrying the League from site to site (and in which most of the others heroes can be seen suiting up in their respective teasers). Like Aquaman, Wonder Woman's teaser highlights her magical equipment and abilities. In particular, her shield (glowing from a recent blast) and her godlike ability to discharge a massive energy wave from her vambraces (recently seen in the newest Wonder Woman trailer).webslinger.

Flash Teaser

The official Flash poster for Justice League may bear a close resemblance to the previously released wallpaper artwork, but the trailer is a different story. To this point, fully-finished visual effects shots of The Flash (Ezra Miller) have been hard to come by. There was a glimpse of the electrical discharge that surrounds Barry Allen when moving at top speed, and his preference for keeping low to the ground when flitting from one place to another, but this teaser shows the method behind the madness.

For starters, seeing Barry give a stretch prior to the action implies that superspeed is something of a 'zen' practice - which would be close to the mystical nature of the Speed Force of the comics, as well as those who channel its energy. The teaser also shows Barry set against the backdrop of Heroes Park, the former location of the infamous "False God" statue of Superman, now a memorial marked with his 'S' in metal and stone. Whatever has brought Barry to the spot, the physics-rippling details, and his sprinter flexibility and posture goes a long way in showing how Snyder and Miller's Flash will differ from the version on The CW.

Batman Teaser

With so much controversy surrounding Ben Affleck's future as Batman in recent months, it was a welcome change to see him as Batman, and in about as iconic a scene as a comic book fan could imagine. Honestly, the gargoyles and architectural flourishes adorning the rooftops of Gotham City buildings are omnipresent in the comics, compared to almost a complete absence in blockbuster films. Given Zack Snyder's commitment to recreating famous comic book panels or moments, and Affleck's costume being as close to the comics as moviegoers have gotten, it's only right he make good on the gargoyle anticipation.

Once the thrill of seeing Batman perched atop a skeletal statue against a stormy Gotham night wears off, a momentary tease of the new Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) follows. But the final shot of the teaser is guaranteed to be the most talked about. And no, we're not talking about his newly weaponized Batmobile. It's actually the thing he's shooting at that is worth pointing out: the unmistakable form of a Parademon of Apokolips. The footsoldiers of Darkseid and his lieutenants, the fight also proves that Bruce's vision of a 'Knightmare' invasion wasn't a dream at all.

Aquaman Teaser

You would think that after Batman V Superman's ending, it would be Superman who took the top spot of the most anticipated hero by audiences old and new. But as testament to Snyder's unexpected casting, and faith in the character as a certified badass, Jason Momoa's Aquaman is making a real run for the title. After a visual effects shot show Momoa's underwater Aquaman in action, and a behind the scenes shot confirmed that even Aquaman effects will be practical (as much as possible), we now get a look at Arthur Curry's real potential.

Even comic book fans would disagree over exactly what Arthur Curry's trident (which is actually now a pentadent) can and can't do, and what mystical powers are at the disposal of the one who wields it. The teaser confirms it's powerful on a scale close to Wonder Woman herself, allowing Aquaman to have a Gandalf-esque 'you shall not pass' moment of his own, halting the rush of a massive wave of water. Since the weapon will likely be shown in the hands of Atlantis's king during Justice League's prologue, viewers will have a hint of the ancient magic at work (once Arthur finally decides to accept his destiny).

Superman Teaser

Batman V Superman Death Scene

Still to come... (cue drumroll).

San Diego Comic-Con 'Special' Footage

In hindsight, fans didn't know how good they had it way back in July. A teaser trailer for Justice League would have made sense, given the radio silence since then - but the "special footage" released in honor of San Diego Comic-Con clocks in at over two and a half minutes. That's as extensive a preview of the movie as we would expect to get now, so the skepticism surrounding the "dark" future of the DCEU paid off for even those already on board (and those who felt it inevitable for Justice League to rejuvenate the DCEU's spirits).

We previously went into a lengthy Justice League trailer breakdown, focusing on the implied science behind this new take on The Flash, the glimpses of ancient Apokoliptian Mother Boxes, and a reminder that Aquaman doesn't talk to fish. It also set the tone for the kind of funky/rock and roll attitude Snyder is aiming for with the League, setting the many action beats, undeniable cool moments, and humor to the tune of The White Stripes' "Icky Thump."

Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

As part of that same desire to let fans in on the experience of Justice League (secrecy hadn't earned them any extra points) and the fun inherent in a story of DC's greatest heroes coming together to battle an alien invasion, the above video was also released. Providing a minute of footage from behind the scenes, it was taken by many as a harmless, standard 'making of' featurette focused on the other side of the camera. Or, for the cynics, proof that the actors in the DCEU actually do have fun in their roles. Judging by these clips, sometimes more fun than would ever be expected in a story that finds Superman buried in a coffin on the Kent farm.

But taking a closer look, we noticed plenty of filmmaking hints and even glimpses of Superman in our shot-by-shot breakdown of the Justice League set video. That included some of the practical ways of selling The Flash's superspeed on set, our first look at the set of the DCEU's S.T.A.R. Labs, Cyborg in a motion capture suit, and possibly the location of the final battle (which these new teasers support). It's worth looking over, since we doubt the second official trailer will even address or answer our theories and lingering questions.


Stay tuned as the next Justice League trailer is expected to drop soon (if not sooner, as is often the case with highly anticipated trailers). We'll be there to break it down all over again, and see what mysteries and reveals fans will have to discuss in the coming months.

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