Justice League Toys Hint at Movie Battles

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Justice League

No matter how hard a movie studio may try to keep the action and plot of Justice League secret, trust in the LEGO tie-in sets to spill the beans. The Justice League LEGO sets revealed Steppenwolf in his final form... but it may have offered more evidence and confirmation of existing theories, specifically those spun by fans trying to assemble a rough plot. Action set pieces, the secret of the Mother Boxes, and ever the return of Superman himself are all up for debate thanks to the movie's heroes and iconic settings revealed in the toy sets.

Movie fans keeping a close watch on the reveals in Justice League trailers weren't shocked by what the LEGO sets highlighted, as they're the same battles either showcased or obviously implied in the film itself. Now tie-in toy sets are hardly concrete proof, since they tend to take some liberties with the source material to ensure it fits the action and spectacle expected of its younger audience. That doesn't seem to be a problem with Justice League at all, but when combining these locations and battles to their movie counterparts, fans may have more to discuss or speculate upon than they realize.

The Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack

The action set least likely to shock the DC fans out there is the above preview of the "Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack." But it does offer a much simpler name for the sequence set inside the Parademon nest established in an abandoned tunnel project connecting Metropolis and Gotham City beneath the harbor that separates them. It's here where the budding "League" first functions as a team, with Batman and Wonder Woman out to investigate these first rumblings of alien kidnappers and missing human scientists. Flash comes along without much convincing, but it's Cyborg's presence which remains the plot beat slowly coming into view.

After visiting the set of Justice League, we suspected that it was actually Cyborg, not Aquaman who outright refused to accept Bruce Wayne's invitation... perhaps until his father, an expert on the DCEU Mother Boxes was kidnapped. When the full trailer showed a ton of Mother Box clues suggesting Dr. Silas Stone is kidnapped, and Cyborg joins the rest of the DC heroes with the Mother Box the Parademons were looking for, our theory seems accurate. Commence the battle shown in the trailers and this LEGO set, making sure to include said Mother Box half-submerged in the water.

We can't say for certain if the presence of these Mother Boxes is 100% accurate to the film, but their placement throughout the sets is compelling. The movie's plot and trailers suggest this is the Mother Box entrusted to humanity (unless the Mother Box of the Amazons was left behind for archaeologists to discover when they fled Ares to their hidden island). As for the others... well, let's move on to the next LEGO set.

The Battle of Atlantis

The second set, the aptly titled "Battle of Atlantis" is a bit of a different story. Going purely on what's been explicitly shown in the Justice League trailers, it's hard to get a sense of how much action will take place in the undersea kingdom. Director Zack Snyder revealed a look at one shot of Aquaman in Atlantis, with no additional context. The full trailer showed Amber Heard's Mera in Atlantis, with even less. Now, the word that an action scene could take place between Aquaman and Parademons seems like a mandatory toy creation - not a recreation of anything in the movie itself.

That may still be true, but this lends credence to our theory that Aquaman - a pre-armored Aquaman - is shown dodging the axe of Steppenwolf himself (considering that is his signature weapon in the comics). Take Mera's rushing to a guarded chamber of columns, and holding the Mother box of Atlantis in a place of honor, Aquaman's run-in with Steppenwolf, and now these toys promising Parademons in Atlantis, and we may have our answer.

The Mother Box itself can be seen in the toy set (looking notably different from the other Mother Box) on a similar column, as well as a few Atlantean Guards. The toy sets doesn't include Steppenwolf in the set, but his axe may tell the real story on film... and demand fans pay for an additional set to get their hands on Steppenwolf. Either way, there's reason to believe that a significant portion of the film's action will be set underwater. And that alone is a shock, as few thought Zack Snyder would singlehandedly solve the question of "how to make Atlantis work on film" for Justice League. If so, then he's made the job easier on director James Wan... while potentially giving fans an underwater action scene to have them begging for Aquaman sooner than later.

The Steppenwolf Showdown - With Superman

If one image of the Justice League LEGO stood apart from the rest, it was the "Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack," named for the giant ship Bruce Wayne has crafted to fit the entire League and the Batmobile. The main reason for the interest is the fact that it's the first time fans have seen Superman fighting with the heroes in their efforts to stop Steppenwolf's takeover of Earth. Since Superman was absent from the trailer, some fans even began to wonder if Justice League would include the Man of Steel as the movie's villain.

That seems to go against Geoff Johns's claim that the DCEU movies are going to be more about "heart" than BvS since that marked the universe's darkest chapter. The more optimistic explanation, and the one most faithful to the comics, is that Superman would return when he was most needed. In the case of this LEGO set, when the team is locked in combat with the Parademons of Apokolips, and Steppenwolf has claimed one of the Mother Boxes for himself. What he plans to do with it... well, that's the mystery at the center of the entire movie.

There's reason to believe that the toy set may be more accurate than it first appears. The setting is to be expected, since dusty, damaged craters have appeared in both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. But the Justice League trailer also showed the team heading to a barren, desolate expanse of land as an assembled unit (minus Superman, of course). If this is a match, and Steppenwolf's axe is a match for the shot of it flying towards Aquaman, and the Mother Boxes are all as different and scattered as the film footage suggests... then this could be the battle in which Superman finally returns.

Fans still have room to speculate, given that Steppenwolf's mission is unclear... and his holding the Mother Box high could be linked to Superman's resurrection. Again, there's as much evidence to refute that claim, since Superman's regeneration seems to have begun when he was buried at the end of BvS. In that case, Steppenwolf proudly holding the Mother Box over his head as a resurrected Superman teams up with his Justice League friends... is a reflection of the biggest, final battle of the film - as well as the LEGO tie-ins.

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