AMC Confirms Justice League Tickets Go On Sale in Late October

AMC has teased when tickets for Justice League will be available. The DCEU team-up is just a little bit more than a month away from hitting theaters and so, with tickets for December's Star Wars: The Last Jedi already on sale, fans are naturally eager to get themselves booked in.

Justice League marks the first time that some of DC's biggest superheroes will share the big screen in a team-up movie. Batman's newly recruited band of warriors (plus Superman, who is eventually going to reemerge from his supposed death in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) are gearing up to safeguard Earth and all of humanity against the imminent arrival of Steppenwolf. With the help of his legion of Parademons, the alien villain is on the hunt for the powerful Motherboxes which he intends to use for his evil plans.

A fan wanting to book for opening night reached out to AMC's Guest Service account on Twitter to find out where Justice League tickets would go on sale and the official account confirmed that they will be available sometime around the end of the month.

Hi Alessio! The end of October is correct. Thank you so much! -Wes

— AMC Guest Services (@AMCHelps) October 14, 2017

Obviously, the"end of October" does not reveal the specific date, but that coincides with a previous rumor suggesting that Justice League tickets will be on sale starting October 30 - this means there's a good chance that the early claim has merit. Of course, this is just speculation until there's an official announcement from Warner Bros.

Regardless of when the tickets for Justice League will be available, it's noteworthy that Warner Bros seem to be releasing them somewhat later than expected. Wonder Woman, which was released during the first week of June, had ticket pre-selling as early as May while other DC Films property like Dawn of Justice's and Suicide Squad's had almost a month lead time.

This may be part of a bigger marketing shift for Warners trying to avoid some of the complaints that met recent DCEU outings; the trailers have been considerably less spoiler-filled than Batman v Superman's were at this point in the campaign, with Superman's return barely even teased.

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Source: AMC's Guest Services

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