Justice League Movie: The Project That Refuses To Die

Like some denizen of the world of the undead, this movie just keeps coming back at us like some costumed zombie.

When I read that the Justice League movie had been given CPR yet again, and now that the writers' strike is over, apparently for sure, I had the same idea as my pal Brad Brevet over at Rope Of Silicon:

Why in the hell don't they let this project die?

Virtually every movie site I read on a regular basis is of the opinion that this movie should just not be made - at least not in it's currently pending incarnation.

This project has been plagued with problems almost from the day it was announced, starting with the announcement that George "Happy Feet" Miller would be directing, leading to rumors that this would be a motion capture, Beowulf-style film (rumors have since been debunked).

Then came the announcement that this would just be called Justice League, instead of Justice League of America, which torqued many fans.

After that came news that it seemed like the casting for this was closer to that of a Teen Titans movie than Justice League, and the fact that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh wouldn't be reprising their roles for the film.

If in the end Warner Bros. can make this work, God bless 'em, but along with other movie pundits I just see this as an impending train wreck. If I turn out to be wrong on this, I will happily eat my words.

Actually I discussed this briefly with Jon Favreau in our soon to be published exclusive WonderCon interview and he shared his thoughts on why this (or an Avengers movie) is such a tricky endeavor.

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Source: Variety

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