Justice League Synopsis Confirms Steppenwolf & Mother Box Role

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After a 2016 that saw numerous ups and downs, Warner Bros. is hoping 2017 has better things in store for the DC Extended Universe. This year sees the release of two highly-anticipated productions, Wonder Woman and Justice League. The latter sees director Zack Snyder return behind the camera, finally uniting DC's most iconic heroes in the same live-action film. In the early stages of the marketing campaign, people are optimistic Justice League can be the box office and critical hit the DCEU needs, basing many of their hopes on the Comic-Con trailer and the continued promise the film will be fun and entertaining.

Fans are impatiently waiting for a new Justice League preview (which should hit the Internet soon), but WB is keeping awareness high by releasing a collection of still photos depicting its ensemble in action. Now, however, those eager to learn more plot details will take great interest in a brand new synopsis, which outlines the team's mission and what they're going up against.

In the latest issue of an unknown film magazine (hat tip Reddit), the summary was revealed, basically confirming much of what has been mentioned about the movie before. Check it out for yourself below:

In the wake of Clark Kent/Superman's (Cavill) death at the hands of Doomsday in BvS, vigilante Bruce Wayne/Batman (Affleck) reevaluates his extreme methods and begins reaching out to extraordinary heroes to assemble a team of crime-fighters to defend earth from all kinds of threats. Together with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gadot), Batman seeks out cybernetically enhanced former college football star Vic Stone/Cyborg (Fisher), speedster Barry Allen/The Flash (Miller) and Atlantean warrior king Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Momoa). They face off against Steppenwolf (Hinds), the herald and second-in-command to alien warlord Darkseid, who is charged by Darkseid with hunting down three artifacts hidden on Earth.

Batman V Superman Steppenwolf

Game of Thrones actor Ciaran Hands was announced as Steppenwolf back in November 2016, so it isn't surprising that he is a main part of this most recent synopsis. The promotional materials have kept a tight lid on the antagonists, instead placing the spotlight on the heroes teaming up, getting viewers acclimated with the likes of Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Still, as the Justice League premiere draws nearer and advertising heats up, Steppenwolf will probably be featured in some trailers and TV spots, setting the stakes of the story for casual audiences. It's good that he's being mentioned this early in a plot description, allowing moviegoers to familiarize themselves with his name and learn more about the character if they so choose. In the past, WB has been perhaps a little too secretive about the villains in DC movies, so some transparency is appreciated.

The "three artifacts hidden on Earth" is a clear reference to the Mother Boxes, which have long been part of the plan for Justice League. In an angle straight out of The Lord of the Rings, one is with the Atlanteans, one is with the Amazonians, and the other is with mankind. It's believed that one of the Mother Boxes is actually part of Cyborg, so it will be interesting to see how Steppenwolf's hunt impacts Victor Stone on an emotional level. If Cyborg is that integral to Steppenwolf's mission, then Cyborg has a key role to play and could likely factor in heavily in the final fight. With massive team-up movies like this, it's important to give each member a fascinating arc, and this could be a compelling subplot for Cyborg. Time will tell, but it sounds like WB is on the right track.

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Source: Reddit

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