New Justice League Website Finally Puts Focus On Superman


A new website for Justice League has put the focus on Superman, signaling the movie's final marketing push and teasing the return of the Man of Steel. The last time we saw Supes, it was at the double funeral of Kal-El and Clark Kent following his fateful showdown with Doomsday at the end of Batman v Superman. Of course, as any fan knew, he'd be back - the same thing happened in the comics and the dirt even rose on his coffin in Dawn of Justice's final shot.

And, of course, Henry Cavill's back in Justice League. Superman's return was confirmed in mid-2016, but since then Warner Bros. has tried to play coy about the Last Son of Krypton's presence in the film, playing up the mystery of his existence as much as his role, with all subsequent footage of Cavill showing him as Clark Kent in seeming dream sequences. However, we had previously theorized the marketing was set up to climax with a Superman reveal, and it now looks like we may be getting just that.

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A new Justice League website has been launched,, that highlights Superman and his role at the center of the team. The site is a single motion poster that shows Superman in a heroic pose with the text "Hope Never Dies". He slowly fades to white as the five main members of the League appear around his silhouette, which filled with the film's logo-twisted "You can't save the world alone" tagline. In the background, Lois Lane delivers a treatise on Superman's ethos the now-classic Hans Zimmer Man of Steel score:

"This is what we know. The world has grown darker and while we have reason to fear we have the strength not to. There are heroes among us to remind us that only from fear comes courage, that only from the darkness can we truly feel the light."

The Justice League with Superman

Of course, this website doesn't explicitly confirm Superman's return - he's positioned as a figure of hope and inspiration just as he has been in the previous trailers. However, we've not had such overt focus on the character yet and it would seem to be at least a small pivot to make clear Kal-El does make his return. Indeed, the motion poster alters the meaning of the phrase "You can't save the world alone"; as presented here, it doesn't refer to the uniting of the whole group, rather that they need to work with Superman explicitly to beat villain Steppenwolf.

The question now is whether Warners will go all in and reveal a still or clip of Cavill in costume, properly confirming the character's return to mainstream audiences. It's obviously something that, at this point, would be nice to save for a surprise in the theater, but given how iconic a hero we're dealing with, that's a major gamble; while fans know Supes is back, more casual audiences who can make or break Justice League's success might not. If it's coming, we'll get it very soon.

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