Justice League: Steppenwolf Revealed in LEGO Form

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Thanks to images of a new LEGO set from Justice League, we now have a better idea of how the villainous Steppenwolf will appear in the film. Long before Justice League became a reality, rumors persisted that the powerful Darkseid would feature as the film's villain. As the movie moved further along, those early theories proved to be truer and truer, but with a twist. Like the MCU's long rollout of Thanos as a big bad, the DCEU looks to be slowly teasing the reveal of Darkseid by first pitting his minions against the assembled heroes.

Batman V Superman gave us a taste of this, thanks to Batman's dream featuring the symbol of Darkseid and his army of Parademons. A deleted scene from Batman V Superman even features Steppenwolf, a lieutenant of Darkseid's on the planet of Apokolips. In it, he's shown as a towering golden being who gives Lex Luthor the ingredients to create Doomsday and teases the Motherboxes, which will feature heavily in Justice League. Now, thanks to the reveal of a new toy set, we may have an idea of Steppenwolf's updated look in this year's film.

DC World posted a number of images to Twitter teasing a new Justice League LEGO set, pitting the League against the Parademons and Steppenwolf. Check them out below:

I was right the #Batmobile can travel inside the FlyingFox AWSOME reveal from new #Lego upcoming for #JusticeLeague #unitetheleague

— DC WORLD (@_DCWorld) May 1, 2017

Though the picture is small, it's clear that the Steppenwolf from Justice League will look somewhat different from the version we saw in the deleted scene. Rather than gold, he'll be silver, with splashes of red. He also appears more human-like, seeming to wear armor rather than the metallic skin seen in Batman V Superman. All told, the look is much more inline with his appearance in the comics. Of course, this could vary from the final film version, but each of the other characters seem to match what we've seen of them so far.

It's possible that Steppenwolf dons another guise when attacking the team (or did in BvS to impress Lex). More likely, the deleted scene won't be considered canon. Since that time, Game of Thrones' Ciaran Hines has been cast as Steppenwolf. He's already described Steppenwolf as an old and tired villain, and the actor's presence may have caused the character to be made more humanoid to show off his features better.

The images also show us two different shades of Parademons, and tease the League's Flying Fox, which looks to house the Batmobile for rapid deployment. As is increasingly the case these days, toys have become the major source of plot information and spoilers for big budget films. As such, expect a lot more reveals in the months leading up to the release of Justice League.

Source: DC World

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