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Steppenwolf Justice League Movie

A new toy from Justice League offers our best look yet at how big bad Steppenwolf will appear in the film. With Justice League coming up fast, we're likely going to learn a lot more about the film at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego. Along with new information about the film, photos and possibly even a new trailer are sure to arrive. When they do, hopefully we'll get our first look at the movie's main antagonist, the Apokoliptian warrior Steppenwolf.

German for coyote, Steppenwolf has been causing trouble for the Justice League since his creation in 1972 by one of Marvel's chief architects, Jack Kirby. Possessing super-strength and speed and a powerful axe, Steppenwolf is Darkseid's chief lieutenant and a gifted strategist. In Justice League, he'll be serving as the main villain, though we've yet to be given an official look at him. Technically, he's already appeared in the DCEU though. In a deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Steppenwolf appears to Lex Luthor along with the three Mother Boxes we'll see in this year's film. Not only did his arrival add a touch of the alien to the film, but it explained how Lex got the DNA to create Doomsday. Now, we have a look at his updated appearance for Justice League.

A Reddit user has posted an image of a new Steppenwolf toy from Justice League, giving us our most detailed look at the villain yet. Interestingly, he has a more humanoid appearance with noticeably detailed armor. By contrast, the version of the character we saw in Batman v Superman appeared to be almost composed of his armor, had a massive head-helmet hybrid, and did not have anything close to a human face.

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It's unknown if the deleted scene is considered canon or if the two versions of the character are merely forms he can shift between. Either way, it makes sense Justice League would go with a more human version of the character, to better capture Ciaran Hind's performance. This take on the villain is also more in line with how he looks in the comics, though with Zack Snyder's muted color palette robbing him of most of his red accents.

This isn't the first time we've seen this new take on Steppenwolf. Another recent toy reveal showed the villain without his mask, highlighting his alien features. We also got an early indication of how he would look from the Justice League LEGO set. With Comic-Con and a new potential trailer on the way, hopefully we'll finally get our first official look at Steppenwolf in the film soon.

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Source: Reddit

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