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You can now listen to Superman and Batman's classic movie themes, as they are featured in the Justice League movie soundtrack. Justice League itself aims to usher in the next era of the DC movie universe - but as much as the film stands for something new, there's also an undeniable history attached to the movie. The film marks the League's first time together in live-action on the big screen, yet members like Batman and Superman have been starring in their own cinematic adventures for decades. This has been reflected in the soundtrack for the film, all tracks from which are now available online.

Included in two of the tracks for the movie are the famous and instantly recognizable cinematic themes for Batman and Superman. In one track entitled "The Final Battle", the Batman theme for Tim Burton's 1989 movie (and Batman: The Animated Series) can be heard. In another composition, bearing the name "Friends and Foes", there is a take on John Williams' score from 1978's Superman, directed by Richard Donner. The Batman theme remains mostly untouched, which isn't too surprising as the theme's original composer, Danny Elfman, is also composing the Justice League soundtrack.

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By comparison, the Superman theme is a much darker variation and sets a very different tone. For more on that, take a listen below:

Elfman previously teased the existence of the musical Easter eggs, explaining that he planned to pay homage to both Batman and Superman's iconic themes in the movie. However, it is really only Batman's theme that seems like a nod to the past; the Superman theme is something almost completely new. At about the 1:30 mark in "The Final Battle", the roaring sounds of Batman's theme can be heard. This inclusion doesn't tell us much other than the very likely possibility that Batman will be involved, in some way, in the movie's final battle.

More plot details more can be gleamed (or guessed) from the inclusion of the Superman theme. As Elfman promised, the inclusion of the Superman theme creates a very dark tone. It's not the same thing as William's score sounding much more insidious. it's very different from the hopeful and optimistic message of the original. Occurring at the 2:19 mark in "Friends and Foes", the distinct notes of the Superman theme can be heard, but they're of a much more sinister nature than expected.

For those that are worried that this means that when Superman returns in Justice League, it will be as a villain, there is some hope. The dark variation of the theme does pop again in "The Final Battle" (at the 2:40 mark). While it begins with the same oppressive and creepy atmosphere, it quickly turns to the more bombastic and joyful tones. This suggests that even if Superman is a villain in Justice League, by the final battle he will firmly be on the side of good.

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