Justice League Trailer Reveals Original 'Superman' Cameo

Justice League has yet to be released, but fans can already confirm one cameo from the original Superman movie series. And after Batman v Superman found a small role for everyone's favorite photojournalist, Jimmy Olsen - really small, killed off-screen before he was even named - the longtime fans of the Man of Steel will be happy to see the actor who made Jimmy Olsen a hero get his time in the spotlight. Let's all hope for a better outcome this time.

Actor Marc McClure had previously teased a Justice League movie cameo, and new footage has revealed his role in the DC team-up. Apparently, Mr. Olsen has turned in his press credentials for a badge in the DC movie universe, appearing as one of the police officers at the Superman memorial in Metropolis. A job that lands him an up close and personal meeting with the cybernetically-enhanced hero of the League, Cyborg.

The McClure cameo can be confirmed thanks to the arrival of Justice League's Wonder Woman & Cyborg week, putting the DC's most successful movie hero beside the least-known new member (aside from animation, anyway). Prior footage of the film had shown Cyborg saving police officers from a flying car at that Metropolis location, but the new shot gives a clearer look at the cop in question.

Hat tip to TheFliteCast on Twitter for spotting the cameo:

We can't quite make out the name on McClure's character's badge, which is almost certainly going to double-down on the Easter Egg (especially given the number of DC references Snyder packed into BvS). Perhaps even a nod to the original Jimmy, actor Jack Larson? Only time will tell. For now, the first of many Justice League cameos and nods for the fans can be set in stone, with yet another role set aside for McClure in DC's growing live-action multiverse (McClure also played the heroine's father in NBC's Powerless).

Hopefully this inclusion will help win some of the fans who felt betrayed or insulted by Olsen's prior role in the DCEU back to WB's side. After all, it was assumed at first that a character like 'Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen' would be hard to fit into Zack Snyder's more modern universe. Those who saw only the theatrical cut of BvS would never have known that the CIA spy killed as part of Lex Luthor's plan was this universe's version of Olsen. Only in the Ultimate Cut did Jimmy reveal himself by name. Still, the death of any character is guaranteed to stir up fan contempt.

Many will view this inclusion of McClure as a gesture to smooth things over, both for fans and the best known version of the plucky Daily Planet photog. Whether it's an attempt to make peace, or simply continuing the trend of involving classic actors in blink-and-you-miss-it cameos that superhero movies have made famous, it's a win for the fans. Especially if there's more to the role than McClure's frozen expression, pictured above. Although a front row seat to Cyborg's superhuman powers is strangely fitting for the actor, staying close enough to superheroics to put himself in serious jeopardy.

We'll keep you posted for any and all new information released as part of Justice League's weekly character campaigns, and whether or not they seem to be building towards a full reveal of Superman returned from the dead. In the meantime, seeing his fellow heroes take the Justice League marketing spotlight is a heck of a consolation prize.

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Source: TheFliteCast

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