Justice League Reshoots: Every Change Whedon Made To Snyder's Film

Almost All of Zack Snyder's Superman Was Reshot

Superman's return is at the center of Justice League and, evidently, the core of the reshoots. Put simply, all of Henry Cavill in Justice League (except for possibly two shots) is from Whedon. This had already been suggested by rumors, of course, but there's a major clue right there in the movie: the upper-lip.

Due to Henry Cavill's prior commitment to Mission: Impossible 6, he had a mustache during the time of the reshoots that Paramount wouldn't allow him to shave. So, the decision was made to remove it with CGI. Unfortunately, the VFX artists clearly didn't have enough time to perfect the effect; it's incredibly obvious in the finished film, with Superman's cleft existing in the horrifying pit of the uncanny valley that distracts in every scene he's in.

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For the purpose of reshoot-discovery, this is incredibly telling. We can confirm that, unless they applied this effect to other scenes to create an unnerving consistency, barely any of Zack Snyder's Superman is in Justice League. It was long presumed Supes was being held back from the marketing as a way to build-up anticipation for his return from the dead, but it now appears to have been because all footage of him was still being worked on; the only released footage of Cavill in the trailers - the morning reunion with Lois - is Zack Snyder's version of the scene (confirmed by his storyboards), with Whedon's replacing it in the film.

The only moment where Cavill's real upper-lip seems to appear is in the finale when he says to Cyborg he likes being alive before helping him part the Mother Boxes, and a few beats later when recovering from the destruction of the Unity. This would suggest these are remaining elements from Snyder's shoot (although it would take further analysis to verify). While this confirms at least the ending goal was the same in both versions, the whole thing tells us more about what was different.

Every Superman scene was changed. Every single one: the cameraphone opening; the resurrection; the Justice League fight; "Do you bleed?"; the return to Kansas; the last-minute rescue of the League; the ending; even the mid-credits scene. Even the suit looks different, a literally brighter version of the previous iteration. Of course, some of these would appear to have been variations on what Snyder originally did, specifically Heroes Park - there's a shot of the Flash and Cyborg there in a pre-Joss trailer and it's fair to assume the "Do you bleed?" line came from the original script - but that doesn't take away from them being completely filmed again, evidenced by poor CGI and how the original version looked to be at night and involved a tank battle.

Further, none of these moments exist in isolation. Extrapolating, much of the finale is new - presumably, the Russian family are an added Whedon element - and the wider context for Kal-El's return would presumably also be altered - the scene inside the Kryptonian ship certainly has different lighting - and perhaps even the setup. Indeed, it feels strange that Superman is absent from the story until Bruce suddenly proposes the idea of resurrection; considering there were several trailer moments discussing his legacy cut, it would seem that entire narrative thread was adjusted. This again attests to distancing from Batman v Superman - this is the only plot thread actively continued, and it occurs separately from the main Steppenwolf narrative.

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But Superman is just the start. Once you take everything involving him as a reshoot, the dominoes really start to fall.

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