Justice League In-Theater Poster Lines Up DC's Biggest Superheroes

Justice League team together banner

Warner Bros. continues to promote Justice League, via the release of an in-theater poster for the DC Extended Universe movie. The first "official" Justice League trailer was recently released too, exploring more of the film's story and plenty of highlight moments for each member of the League, especially Aquaman (Jason Momoa). The trailer came on the heels of a new Justice League teaser/logo poster and Justice League "Team" poster being released, as well as a series of character posters for five of the League's team members.

In Justice League, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) have taken it upon themselves to form a team of superheroes that, in addition to Aquaman, also includes The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The marketing for the film has so far only teased all of the heroes working together, but now they can all be seen together in said new in-theater poster.

Batman-On-Film exclusively released the new Justice League poster that is set to invade theaters around the world this weekend. The poster features five members of the Justice League standing in a staggered pattern, as they look off in the distance at their threat, or possibly even a long awaited ally.

The colored sky around the Justice League here was also on display in the movie's official trailer, with each hero getting a quick second to prepare for whatever they are looking at. However, in this montage, Batman was absent, so his inclusion here could just be for the purposes of marketing or confirm that (unfortunately) he is not standing side-by-side with the resurrected version of Superman (Henry Cavill).

Since this is just a piece of the marketing, it is most likely not alluding to anything more - such as a potential reveal just out of frame - and this was simply chosen because it frankly looks great. Whatever epic event awaits these heroes, the sight of all five standing together in live-action is still something that is relatively new and should not be taken for granted at this moment.

One thing that does pop out from the poster is the reusing of the "Unite the" phrase and font. Back when Aquaman's look was first revealed ahead of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, his solo poster simply read "Unite the Seven." Many took this to be a phrase that would continue to be used in the marketing for BvS, as the seven referenced was thought to be a call to the other six members of the eventual Justice League lineup. That did not stick and can now be looked at as simply a reference to Aquaman uniting the seven seas. However, since this version simply (and smartly) doesn't put a number on the League's roster size, the possible "surprise" appearances of Superman or even a Green Lantern may yet happen.

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Source: Batman-On-Film

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