Justice League Concept Art Reveals Early Parademon Design

Justice League concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has unveiled an early idea of what Steppenwolf's Parademon army could have looked like. In this finished film, the Parademons were fairly generic flying foot soldiers without much in the way of memorable facial features or color flourishes. Marantz’s take is a lot livelier.

Following Justice League’s release, a lot of artwork from the film’s development phase has surfaced on the web. For instance, some designs for Zeus and Ares hinted at an epic untold story, giving fans a glimpse of how differently the DC team-up film could have turned out. An ultimately unused Batcycle also appeared in some concept art, proving that Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader nearly had yet another vehicle in the movie. Clearly, a lot of ideas were thrown around during Justice League’s development and only a select few made it to fruition in the film itself.

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This unusued piece of art from Marantz's Instagram feed provides yet another example of a cool concept that came up during Justice League’s pre-production period. As you can see, this Parademon is a lot more eye-catching than the ones from the finished film:

Early #parademons #conceptart for #justiceleague This was a great project to be on. There were so many talented artists and so much hard work that went into this project. This was an early Concept for the parademons I got to do with costume designer @michaelwilkinson You can see it featured in the art of the movie book that just came out. #dccomics #dccinematicuniverse #creaturedesign #creatureconcept #comicbookmovie #alien #zbrush #zbrushmodel #zbrushsculpt #keyshot #jackkirby #apocalypse #darkseid

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Less generic and indistinct than the Parademons shown in the cinematic cut of Justice League, Marantz’s design retains a lot more human elements. Clearly drawing from the idea that Parademons were normal people before being converted forcibly by Steppenwolf, this artwork features noticeable eyeballs and a human-like skull shape. It also shows a fair bit of blood and guts beneath the armored exterior.

Although Justice League’s ‘history lesson’ flashback battle makes it clear that Parademons were previously people, later scenes in the film fail to revisit this concept. As Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Superman take down these winged adversaries in the film's third act, nobody shows any remorse. The world’s finest heroes fail to mention that they are essentially beating up ordinary people who have been forced to fight by Steppenwolf.

However, despite the fact that this design could have raised some interesting ideas, it's clear to see why Warner Bros and DC decided to go down a different route with the Parademon designs. Creepy skeletal Parademons with human skulls, red eyes, and noticeable innards are not particularly kid-friendly, after all. The film needed to retain a family-friendly feel, and this design would have gone against that.

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Source: Jerad S. Marantz

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