Justice League: Games of Thrones Actor Appears in Opening Scene

Game of Thrones actor Michael McElhatton has confirmed that he has a role in director Zack Snyder's Justice League. Boasting more than 70 roles to his name, McElhatton is probably best known for his turn as Roose Bolton on HBO's epic fantasy series. Elsewhere, McElhatton's credits include the likes of The Fall and Guy Ritchie's upcoming King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

As yet another big name to add to the Justice League cast, McElhatton won't be alone in terms of Game of Thrones alumni. While Kristofer Hivju's involvement with Justice League remains up in the air, Ciaran Hinds is officially playing main villain Steppenwolf and taking on the role via motion-capture. Serving as Justice League's big bag, Steppenwolf's main goal is to acquire the three fabled Mother Boxes and presumably bring destruction to Earth, at the behest of his master, Darkseid.

Speaking to Red Carpet News, McElhatton wouldn't reveal exactly who he was playing in Justice League, but he did promise an epic opening sequence and a lighter tone than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice:

"There is probably going to be a lot more humor in [Justice League], I think would probably be the main difference from the previous one [Batman V Superman]. I found the scene I did, which is kind of a big opening scene, was pretty dark actually in its tone, but in a good way. It was comic booky, but I think you can thread a certain amount of humor through it."

Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones

When questioned on Snyder himself, McElhatton seemingly couldn't sing the director's praises enough:

"He just lives for those comic books. He absolutely adores them and he's an aficionado. He knows exactly what he wants and yet he is amazingly loose and open to suggestions from actors. There was an enormous amount of freedom with it."

With Justice League's opening focusing on a big battle, could McElhatton be heading up one of the armies taking on the Parademons, or could he be playing a more villainous part? While the role still remains a mystery, it isn't completely out of the realms of possibility that McElhatton could be playing the villainous Darkseid, who has been long-tipped to make an appearance. With the battle revolving around the Atlantean, Amazonian, and human armies battling the flying aliens, it is much more likely that McEhatton is playing a small part as an army general. Only time will tell, but for the time being, McElhatton is remaining tight-lipped on his part.

Source: Red Carpet News

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