Joss Whedon Getting Director Credit On Justice League? [Updated]

Joss Whedon will be getting a director credit on Justice League alongside Zack Snyder. SDCC 2017 was a big weekend for many upcoming movies, but none more so than Justice League. The centerpiece of Warner Bros' Hall H panel, the DCEU team-up left quite an impact with a four-minute trailer, although the biggest reveal may have slipped by unnoticed.

Back in May, director Zack Snyder stepped down from the film due to personal reasons, with Joss Whedon (who was then working on Batgirl) stepping in the oversee the already-planned reshoots and the rest of the in-process edit. The Avengers filmmaker has been rather forward about how he's maintaining Snyder's original vision, although it since emerged he had a hand in the re-scripting that led to the reshoots. Through all this there's been the question of whether this involvement will be enough to warrant a directing credit. Now we have an answer.

The Justice League Comic-Con Sneak Peek was posted to the official Warner Bros. UK YouTube account with an updated logline for the film that described it thusly: "A film by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher." That Snyder and Whedon are sharing ownership would seem to confirm that the latter will indeed be credited on the film.

[UPDATE: WB has now removed both Snyder and Whedon's name from the logline for Justice League, with final directing credits likely to be announced closer to the movie's release in November. The rest of this article has been left as it was originally published.]

While there hasn't been a statement from WB yet, the fact this is an official outlet of the company leaves little doubt to their intentions that Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon will be recognized as co-directors when Justice League is released in November. This was to a point expected as it was likely under DGA rules the amount of involvement Whedon had - he'll have been working on the final six months of production - but it's the first time it's been actually recognized.

Even if Whedon has made the movie exactly as Snyder would have - which Ray Fisher's comments on the reshoots suggest - this is really only fair given the amount of work he's actively done. Of course, this is sure to only rekindle the debate over the changes being made to Justice League in the reshoots and how much of Snyder's original vision has been changed. Indeed, the brightened image in the new trailer and general lightness of touch to characters' comedic moments feel like they could be Whedon alterations. This is something we're unlikely to get a resolute answer on until well after the movie is released.

It's worth stating that this accreditation doesn't impact anything that's actually going on behind the scenes, merely highlights the extent of his involvement. The one thing it does mean is that Whedon is going to be officially credited as being behind the first big screen outings for both Marvel and DC's big team-ups, an undeniable filmmaking achievement.

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Source: Warner Bros. UK

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