Identity of Justice League's Green Lantern Possibly Revealed

A Reddit user has looked to the comics in a bid to work out the identity of the Green Lantern character glimpsed in Justice League's flashback battle. Their best guess is the deep cut comic book character Yalan Gur, who first appeared in the comics in 1991 and served as the protector of Space Sector 2814 roughly two thousand years ago. As an ancient Green Lantern who covered the Space Sector that plays home to Earth, Yalan Gur fits the bill for the film role nicely.

Of course, this ‘history lesson’ battle was absolutely stuffed with Justice League Easter Eggs. In addition to showing a Green Lantern being killed by Steppenwolf and his ring flying off to find a new owner, this scene also included what fans believe to be the DCEU debut of Zeus. The unnamed Lantern and Greek mythology’s god of gods helped mankind, the Amazonians, and the Atlanteans to fight off Steppenwolf’s Parademon invasion, centuries before the main events of the film. This battle set the stakes for the movie, with the death of the Lantern character establishing that Steppenwolf is no pushover.

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And now, the Reddit user StrandingDeath has put together a very convincing argument that the Green Lantern who died at Steppenwolf’s hand was Yalan Gur. Before posting the image, StrandingDeath wrote, “In case there was still any doubt about who THAT was in the History Lesson...”

Although DC has denied that the Green Lantern from Justice League has a specific canonical identity, there is still a fair bit of evidence to back up the idea that it was Yalan Gur that audiences glimpsed in that battle. As well as being an ancient Lantern from the right Space Sector, Yalan Gur from the comics also has the same pointed ears, snout, and outfit as the Lantern seen in the Justice League movie’s flashback battle.

For a lot of fans, this will be enough to convince them that Yalan Gur made his live-action debut during Justice League. However, it is worth remembering that this is still technically a fan theory until someone involved in the production confirms the comic book connection as canon. Perhaps the Green Lantern Corps movie (assuming it actually happens) will provide some further information. Until then, the fan theory will have to do.

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Source: StrandingDeath

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