Barry Allen Becomes The Flash in Justice League Motion Poster

A new motion poster for Justice League puts the spotlight on Ezra Miller as The Flash. While the Barry Allen of the Arrowverse has spent the past few years going on adventures and teaming up with fellow heroes, the big screen version of the character is just getting started. When he first cameoed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it looked as if he was fairly new to using his powers - at least in the present day. The film also featured a now infamous moment where The Flash appeared to return from the future to warn Bruce Wayne of the doom coming in Justice League. Unless that was all a dream?

Suicide Squad then offered us a Barry Allen who was fully suited up as The Flash and already brining super-villains to justice. When Batman and Wonder Woman recruit the Scarlet Speedster in Justice League, he will be a somewhat seasoned crimefighter who has tested the limits of his powers. Still, he and Cyborg will likely still be struggling with their place among so many titans. Likewise, audiences are still adjusting to this new version of The Flash, something Warner Bros and DC are hoping to change by the time Justice League arrives.

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The latest bit of promotion for Justice League puts the focus squarely on Miller as Barry Allen. In this new motion poster (see below), we see his symbol appear and transform him into The Flash. Check it out below:

Ezra Miller as #TheFlash. He's electric.⚡️ #JusticeLeague

— Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) October 17, 2017

This new poster serves as a continuation of yesterday's announcement that 'Flash Week' has begun. All this week, the Justice League marketing will put the spotlight on the Fastest Man Alive to bring viewers up to speed on the latest iteration of the popular hero - and he won't be alone.

Last week, Aquaman was featured and a new promo for Justice League was released spotlighting the hero and actor Jason Momoa. Over the next few days, expect Miller and The Flash to get the same treatment. So far, Justice League has released a number of trailers, promos, and TV spots, so there's only so much non-spoilery material left to tease from the film. Still, it's safe to assume a few new teases of the speedster will be revealed later this week.

This strategy of highlighting the individual heroes as we approach the release of the film could also be part of a bigger plan. In fact, the whole thing might be heading towards the reveal of Superman in the film. It's not secret he'll return in Justice League, so it's may only be a matter of time before he shows up more prominently in the marketing. Only time will tell, so stay tuned.

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